His name is Klinton and he comes from Shutka, the largest urban Gypsy neighborhood in Europe (part of Skopje, the Macedonian capital). He`s named after former US president Bill Clinton and currently lives in Germany. So what? So he`s the best Gypsy synthesizer player ever! His music style is called tallava – it`s by far the most popular genre among Balkan Gypsies of Muslim faith. Yes, Balkan Gypsies are not into stereotypical Gypsy brassband music anymore, they turned electro! If you like Omar Souleyman – you`ll soon forget him when you hear this guy rocking:

This one is called Oro Deutschland (oro is traditional Balkan circle dance, Deutschland is, well u know, Germany):



Watch him performing live at the Gypsy wedding, with FACEBOOK orchestra, this is the REAL tallava:

And last but not the least, if you wanna know more about the real life of Balkan Gypsies now, you HAVE TO watch this documentary. IT`S A MUST SEE FILM, sit back, relax and watch, just turn the English captions on:

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