Such an awesome title for a track that compliments such an awesome track by my favourite Electronic producers bar none, the brilliant Modeselektor.

Tip O’ hat 2 Rossella PerlAngeli <3

This track is included in the forthcoming Bleep:10 compilation. Also featured on the compilation are exclusive tracks from Fuck Buttons, Oneohtrix Point Never, Autechre, Nathan Fake, Lone, Gas, Untold, Shackleton, Machinedrum, Dabrye, Nosaj Thing, U-Ziq and Byetone.

Pre-Order Bleep:10: http://link.bleep.com/KrafTwerk

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Bleep:10
Label: Bleep

Release date: 5th May, 2014

1) Gas – Die Wand
2) Lone – Lizard King
3) Machinedrum – aeolia
4) Oneohtrix Point Never – Need
5) Modeselektor – I’m not into Twerk, I’m into KrafTwerk
6) Untold – That Horn Track
7) Fuck Buttons – Brainfreeze (Alt mix)
8) Dabrye – Click Clack
9) Autechre – SYptixed
10) Shackleton – Ganda Rising
11) Nosaj Thing – Particles Aligned
12) µ-Ziq – Hedges
13) Byetone – Morning
14) Nathan Fake – Vanish North


  1. That Autechre track sounds awesome. Good to hear them going with something more melodic, it’s like the best of oversteps with their FM melodies combined with the darkness & structuring of Exai 🙂

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