We love Riot on this blog and his presence has been huge in the Zouk Bass scene. He has been one of the leading and most innovative producers within the genre. He has also been a pioneer with his remarkable work with Buraka Som Sistema.

Now he has unleashed a killa 2 track EP on Enchufada which is full of Zouk Bass greatness.

Once again he shows us a way forward for this scene with these 2 bombs that will slay all clubs and festivals.


The never-ending quest for the perfect bassline has always been RIOT’s lifelong mission. The Lisbon-based producer, musician and DJ has proved this time and again, as he explores low frequencies and heavyweight beats in all of its different shapes and sizes, from fast-paced drum&bass rollers to Buraka Som Sistema’s renowned global club music extravaganza, and more recently the slow and hypnotic cadence of zouk bass.

Drawing upon his love of jungle breaks and roaring synths, RIOT steps forward to give listeners a taste of his personal take on zouk bass rhythms, paving the way for his forthcoming solo debut on Enchufada with a 2-track free EP that will leave fans of the heavier side of 90BPM beats wanting for more.

Following up on the vibe he created with the Upper Cuts track Keep On and his stunning remix of Dub Phizix’s Marka, the Buraka founding member further sinks his teeth into the zouk bass style with Booty Goes and Sandpaper Riddim on the ‘Zouk Weapons Vol. 1’ free EP. Both tracks prominently feature heavyweight drums, mesmerizing melodies and huge basslines, peppered with just the right amount of vocal samples and crazy effects to create unique vibes that are simultaneously dark and festive.

Grab your 90BPM weapon of choice with RIOT’s new free EP and get your ears ready for his first proper solo release, which is coming out on Enchufada and will be announced soon.

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