This is the first joint EP from Gully and Lowki. It draws inspiration from the latest in bass music trends such as Twerk and Zouk and fuses those trends with a Transnational element, namely, India and Indian music.

100 Rupees is a 100BPM Twerk track, with a heavy hitting drop filled with a strong sub, Indian vox, a soaring string arrangement and a crushing Tabla riddim. You’d have to be made of stone not to groove to this.

Bom-Bae (aka Bombay) is a far subtler bass fuelled Zoukesque track. With its marching drum patterns, flute hooks and packed drops with the occasional breath, this may have you gasping for air in a club. The ever ambient flute parts set the mood perfectly for the thumping climax of the drop.

2 perfect Transnational Bass tracks show-casing why there is a phenomenal growing interest in this scene from all over the world.

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