JSTJR has been playing the field and experimenting in different genres but one of his true loves is Zouk Bass and it’s through his Zouk Bass output that he came to our worthy attention.  Albeit, it’s often his most over-looked and underrrated output, which we feel is a great shame!

He has been gaining momentum as a producer, just as we predicted some time ago before everyone else finally cottoned on. Now, how many times has that happened, I’ve lost count. We’re chuffed to bits about it but every so often we like to take a step back and let the rest of the world play catch up and embrace the same producers who we have lovingly embraced here at Generation Bass. We believe this space allows the artist room to breathe and allow others to check them out and provide some luv to someone who we already know is the done deal, a super-producer on the rise.

Just JSTJRday, he uploaded a mix of some of his unreleased Zouk Bass material featuring collabs with Two Sev, Big Makk and Mala Noche and on the whole some of it is pretty epic.

He is currently working with some pretty big names in the Dance & Rock worlds, some of whom have a legacy that simply could not be matched and that is all I am allowed to say.  Check out this mix and watch him Rise to the top:

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