Last week Saturday was the Dutch national day, formerly known as Queen’s Day, when we still had a queen, this year it was King’s Day for the first time. And if you are living in the city centre one of the world’s metropoles, there is some chance you may have run into a Dutch party where everyone is dressed in the national colour of orange. I’d be a lot happier if I could have said I skipped last week’s Sexxy Saturday Cumbia because I had to recovering from an extended hangover, but nope, not for me this year. Study duties continue being harsh on me.. But I’ve finished most of it by now so.. time for some serious blogging relaxation!

But it’s ‘late’ (beyond any normal meaning of that word), so let’s move on to cumbia directly..

A couple of days back I was having a conversation with one of the creators of Regional Label about digital cumbia and transnational bass as scenes, and how these are doing in Chile. Then I showed me this amazing project from the late 90s.. which were one of the first if not the very first musicians to ever mix tropical latin with electronic music. Gonzalo Martínez is in fact a duo consisting of the famous Chilean latinrocker Jorge González and the Chilean-German dj Martín Schopf (Dandy Jack). Wildly ahead of its time, it drew some attention in Germany as an exotic curiosity, but went almost unnoticed in Chile, where González’ fans expected more of an in-four-face punk-vibe and were disappointed by the softness of this sound. Enough said.. Gonzalo Martínez y Sus Congas Pensantes deserve a very special place in the global bass Hall-of-Fame!

You can download this absolutely marvellous full album here!


Talking about Regional Label, their new mixtape also arrived today, just in time to be included here.. This week it is the latinbass-hiphopper from San Luis Potosí Mexico, Dj Neber who delivers the mixtape. Many of the tracks are selected from his own oeuvre so expect a delicious mix of jazzy, vintage cumbia sounds spiced up with a bouncing oldskool hiphop vibe!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the remix contest organised by the Mexico City based event Day Off. Last week they published the winner: Ale Cassis from La Paz, Bolivia, who had the honour yesterday to open the event with these deliciously soothening deep cumbia grooves!

This wonderful mixtape from El Remolon for the Argentinian label ZZK Records, also contains these delicious, relaxing deep cumbia sounds here building up to more energetic bass vibes! Found out that this escaped my radar a couple of weeks ago.. This is one of those mixtapes you should listen from beginning to end!

An ever wider variety of different styles and vibes features in this mixtape – or rather, part of a live set – from Xalistec.. This one varies from experimental to traditional to pop to dembow to bass to anything necessary for a great night in a bar: not raving too hard but switching freely from dancefloor to bar to the couches and having a good time together. And thát is precisely what this mix was made for!

I realised that I haven’t written so much any more about Mexico City style cumbiaton over the last week.. so time for a prominent new dembowlicious mixtape now, delivered by Colectivo Under Style’s Dj Mega!

EP releases:

Last time I announced that a fantastic EP was in the making for Regional Label.. and here it is, delivered by one of its founders: Señor Chancho! Three fresh new tracks, varying between cumbiaton, moombahton and dumbia, completed with a brilliant trap remix of one of his earlier releases by living legend Yelram Selectah!

Dowload it for free on the label’s website !

There was another fantastic EP release this week from the Peruvian digital cumbiambera Shushupe, which fuses cumbia with East-Asian influences, inspired by a visit to Semarang, Indonesia, also drawing in sounds from other bass styles like deephouse, moombahton and trap. A transnational EP like this one is Generation Bass’ sweetest dream and deserves some extra massive love!

Get it for free on Folkore Netlabel!

Single releases:

Two months ago, when the original trap-influenced banger from Tropikore and Ray Ibiza first came out and with the subsequent remixes EP, we already showed some love. Last week, the Mexican nu-cumbiambero Pa Kongal did an extra official remix for Le Ronca Records.. turning it into an eclectic blend of tropical bass styles!

Anyone else who, like myself, has realised before that the distinctly latin rhythm used in cumbia and 3ball, with the contracted-syncopated afterbeat, kinda resembles a trotting horse? For Dj Caution, this cool idea has resulted in a track, that does not only fuses cumbia with the atmosphere of the Old West but ingeniously turns the sound of a trotting horse into a tasty cumbia groove!

Blogging can be a tricky thing in getting important information wrong, or rather missing it entirely, even when it’s very much out there to read. I’ve been a great fan of Malefics unique, dark flavoured experimental stuff called ‘dumbia’  or ‘post brutalism’. ..but only now I realise that Malefics is not a single producer but actually a crew, consisting next to producer-dj’s of live musicians, a VJ and a designer.. who make dumbia and postbrutalism not just as a style of music but also as a visual style! Now they are back with a new creative tune that combines the flavours of cumbia, punk and bass!

I’m always happy to hear more of this unique stuff from Sitlaly or Grupo Jejeje. They have a very new style of electronic cumbia that seems to be an electronic interpretation to the nu-skool sonidera style developed by popular Mexican bands like Grupo Mala Fama or Grupo Jujuy.. Again, correct me if I am wrong on this, still discovering this amazing stuff..! This new tune is deliciously heavy in trap-inspired synths, with a subtle darke edge that makes the vibe all the more passionate.. Towards the end of the track trap hihats and dembow are added, which blow my mind!

And talking about Grupo Jujuy, I see that they also have a new tune this week. I’m also very new to this more mainstream sonidera but I definitely dig it!

That also gives me the opportunity to share another track of the ‘kumbias editadas’ genre.. I’m also new to that scene, which is huge in North-Mexico and the US and I’m only starting to discover how it works. To my untrained ear.. some tracks seem to stay very close to the original band records, while others are more heavily edited into a whole new style of music..

This tune from Dj Gato from Alpoyeca Mexico, released only a couple of days back is a good example.. This one has a badass, almost ‘chop-n-screw’ kinda vibe to it!

Now we’re moving from a mainstream to a very underground, experimental vibe.. Visionary sound alchemist Siete Catorce has uploaded a number of nice new tracks over the last weeks, but only one was cumbia flavoured. Make sure you check out the rest of his stuff as well, but for now enjoy a trip of mind-altering, dark cumbia-noise-techno!

My greatest new disscovery was this experimental cumbia-rock band from Mexico City who’ve got an impressive list of music that SSC readers, organic oriented cumbiamberos in particular, will definitely fall in love with! their latest tracks are all from about a month ago so I selected my favourite..

Beyond cumbia:

Sometimes there are tracks that are not technically cumbia but are so related to cumbia that I cant resist sharing them in this post. Followers of my personal Soundcloud page will know that I’m a big fan of the Australian multi-talented producer, dj, vocalist and visual artist Ok Sure, a.k.a. Kaysh, who regularly cheers up my days with her dark-edged, often downtempo tracks that hold the middle between techno, synthpop and deephouse. A week ago she released this wonderful atmospheric track which features percussion work with a rhythmic shuffle to it that goes into the direction of cumbia.. Right when I told her that in a comment, I knew I wanted to support it here as well ! =)

Alika is one of Latin America’s leading reggae artists who combines cumbia and latin flavours with roots, raggamuffin and conscious dancehall in a very inspiring way. My Canadian baZzed BAE and underground-progressive-trance minded moombahtonista Antae surprised me last week with a re-dub of her song ‘Milagro‘!

Closing bangers:

Yes, it’s weekend so now we actually NEED them \m/ !!

When it comes to taste, there is one thing I can’t deny for myself. I love trap. No joke. Well, if ‘trap’ means bigroom EDM with 808’s I’m done, but for the rest anything with rolling 808 hihats sharp snares and distorted kicks drives me wild. In a good way. That goes just as much for tunes “on the hiphop side of things” – to quote my inspirational buddy James Giovanny – as for ‘electronic’ trap with an underground vibe. As far as my purely personal opinion is concerned, transnational bass fans, moombahtonistas, hipster-tropicalists whatever, let’s forget about the jealousy/hate/purism against trap (if you have any) and start enjoying the music. These nu-cumbiamberos set a good example this week..

Tribilínsound cumbiafied a Lil Wayne classic!

DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon’s recent hit ‘Turn Down for What’ is synonymous with the #TURNTUP vibe. This fresh new tune from Daniel Gonzalez shows that cumbia and trap madness actually go together very well.. not loosing any of the crazy energy of the original, but just adding some extra flavour that makes it complete!

And Sitlaly also just released a trap tune as well, combining his unique style with 808 beats!

El Descanso Cumbiero is a cumbia crew from Argentina, formed in 2011 as a parodious bored joke which turned into a serious thing. Now they’re delivering their own fresh urban cumbia vibes. This pumping cumbiaton banger is the perfect warmup for a long, wild weekend!!

When thinking about long wild weekends and the ultimate dancefloor experience, it is almost impossible not to think about Tempted to Touch, probably the single most legendary dancefloor song ever made. Friccardos makes you re-experience all your warm memories to this song in cumbia-style!

And when it comes to memories, these are three ultimate 90s songs that, at least for people my age and older, draw even stronger memories than ‘Tempted to Touch’. We’re finishing in the nostalgy mode with this trip back into the 90s, delivered by Exta Machine!

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