Really diggin’ this dark, experimental Middle Eastern Electronica by this artist whose works draws many parallels with 2 artists.

Firstly, that infamous Mancunian Muslimgauze, who was influenced by conflicts in the Muslim world with an emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Secondly, Egyptian but American based, Mutamassik, who merges Egyptian percussions with hardcore breaks aka Sa’aidi hardcore & Baladi breakbeats.

Rocky B is the Israeli equivalent and also admits to finding huge inspiration from Muslimgauze for his sound. He has been a musician, producer and MC for 14 years and is also a music digger. He now hosts and edits a radio program in Israel in Kol Hka’Mpus radio station dedicated to forgotten music from the Middle East and North Africa.

He has many different projects on the go and one of the projects that he started 6 years ago is an instrumental conceptual piece named “Izraelgauze-the Jewish race regime”. An album that was he says influenced and spiritually guided by Muslimgauze.

He says that the Race Regime is a Arabic industrial album, a mix of ethnic samples and hard core distorted tribal beats. Influenced by his mental mentor Muslimgauze, Rocky takes the listener to a journey into the dark alleys of the middle east.

You can cop that album here:

The other project that he has is one where he calls himself “The Tropikal Camel” and this project has two sides: the Middle Eastern Bass side and the more Tribal Techno side. This is his live side where he plays a live Electronic set with vocals in Hebrew and English.

Cop a taste of that one here:

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