Really exceptional and top quality work here by Greek artist Cayetano who delivers 2 Nu Cumbia tracks for his latest EP, which are simply some of the best Nu Cumbia I’ve heard for quite some time.

On this EP, Cayetano takes on the alter-ego of “Yuriyuri”, an international outer-spaced character (his parents named him like Yuriyuri from Yuri Gagarin).

This new outer-space disguise is pretty apparent from the first track “Space Cumbia”. I think he plays some kind of homage on this track to that the brilliant French band, Space, who pioneered Space Disco.

The second track “Nadie Quiere Trabajar” returns to more conventional sounding Cumbia territory, namely Colombia, but brought bang up to date.

Both tunes are just pretty awesome and capable of blitzing every conceivable Transnational Bass dancefloor anywhere in the world.

Check out this superior EP here and note that it is being released on May 12th.

A must have!

In the meantime grab this beautiful mix for free:

Cayetano’s radio mix, with selections from the Past, Present and Future, for the “Input Output Putput” radio show, hosted by GUIDDO on

Including Panama Cardoon’s brand new “Deseos” track (still unreleased when broadcasted) and Cayetano’s remix to Ancient Astronaut’s “I Came Running” which is going to be released soon from Switchstance Recordings.

1) Digital Jockey – unknown
2) Dj Booker – Dazed In Vegas
3) Peder – Daylight
4) Panama Cardoon – Deseos
5) Cayetano – Never Gonna Happen Twice (JK Soul remix)
6) Ancient Austronauts – I Came Running (Cayetano remix)
7) Serafim Tsotsonis – Red, Green, Blue
8) Filastine – Circulate False Notes
9) Quantic – Painting Silhouettes
10) Sixtoo – Sidewinders
11) Paul White – Design Centre
12) Nobody – Apollonia Millenium and Her Private Parts Marching Band
13) Andrian Youndge – It’s Me
14) Lukid – Veto
15) Midas Touch – Garage Girls
16) Hidden Orchestra – Dust
17) Cayetano – Chin Achin (Hain Teny remix)

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