Direct from Luanda, Angola, DJ Satellite sent me this mixtape exclusively for Generation Bass and it’s the follow up to his Volume 1 Tarraxinha mixtape from around 1 year ago.

This mixtape showcases all the great new stuff happening in the Tarraxinha scene in Angola. Some serious and rare tracks & artists in here that most of you would not have heard of. Fresh from one of the direct sources!

Amazing vybz!

1 – Portas do Kimbo – Dj Massacre
2 – 1,2,3 Tarracho – DJ 100 Maneiras
3 – Mae Ju – Dj Cubanito
4 – Crazy Frog Tarraxinha
5 – Marimba – Dj Znobia
6 – Molhada Dj Znobia

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