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Pearls Negras are potentially the greatest Girl Group in the entire Universe atm, it’s just that the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet. They will do soon tho’!

It’s very rare that you get a non-American or English Girl Group that has the potential to be absolutely MASSIVE.

These girls have got it and just watch as they begin to dominate the world.  Their new mixtape is dropping soon and it is going to be the BOMB!

Now make way for the new QUEENS – Braziliian Bad Ass Bass!!!:

If you want to know what sort of music the girls dig, make sure to check out their Pearls Negras Top 10 that they did for us a while back.

Luckily, their producers also sent me a translation to their positive and inspirational lyrics:

GUERREIRA Guerreira vem vem // Warrior, come, come Perolas Negras // Perolas Negras Porque eu sou guerreira // Because I’m a warrior Passando por vários obstaculos // Going through various obstacles Com aliadas de um lado // With alies on one side Não tenho nada a temer // I have nothing to fear Cantando o meu rap // Singing my rap Fazendo os trouxa correr // Make the weak run Só co’ pensamento // With the only thought De lutar para vencer x2 // Of fighting to win x2 Porque eu sou guerreira // Because I’m a warrior (vem, vem) // come, come Que eu sou mais uma // I’m another one No caminho // On the way Se tá comigo vem, // If you’re with me, come Depois vai embora meu amigo // But then leave Porque o rap é como um hino // Because rap in like a anthem Cantamos com o coração // we sing with the heart Cada nota é um sentimento // each note is a feeling No fim fazemos uma canção // In the end we have a song

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