Starting tomorrow we will be doing a daily Artist feature on all of the producers who appear on this very special forthcoming release.

The release date is 19th May 2014 but you’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the run up to that date.

Generation Bass Presents The Portuguese Bass Underground.

To paraphrase one of the greatest authors ever, “something is rotten in the state of Portugal”. Still one of the poorest countries inside the European Union, the country has seen an enormous rise in creativity. Is it the proximity to North Africa? Is it the smooth Mediterranean climate? Is it the poverty forcing creativity? We don’t know. We’re not economists, historians or politicians. We do know music though and we recognise talent when we see it. And boy do we have it coming in strides from Portugal right now!

The unique sounds that are growing and mutating in Portugal have had our attention for some time and this is a project we’ve been working on for the past 12 months. We’ve bundled some of these producers and artists together in an EP that showcases their sound. This really is something fresh that’s going on right now. Blending elements of House, Kuduro, Afro, Zouk, Fodencia, Tarraxinha and Tribal music these tracks have an awesome energy in common and also a unique outlook on the new sound that is being created at present.

This EP or even Mini-Album, takes in some older, more experienced producers with some newer, younger talent. We are pretty sure everyone will agree that this is one of the liveliest Bass scenes in Europe right now.

Something big is happening in Portugal and it has nothing to do with the Fado. Buraka Som Sistema started a small revolution a few years back with their take on Kuduro and then once again last year when they gave their blessing to Zouk Bass. This led to a new surge of exploration and interest in forgotten/overlooked genres like Tarraxinha, Tarraxo and Fodencia.

At our modest little blog & label, Generation Bass, we are proud to be able to show these new developments to you and hope we can also move the scene forward by helping Portugal showcase their own, ridiculously talented producers. Support these guys and spread the word: The Portuguese Bass Underground is coming for us all!

Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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