Been a while since the heady Moombahton days that we’ve had enough El Cuco on these pages. A label that we felt did a great deal for the movement during part of (what I like to call) “The Post-Golden Moombahton Period“. The “Golden Period” being 2010!

The label started to make a BIG impression in 2011 with their Moombahcore & Moombahsoul output with the likes of Mendez, Riot Earp, Sluggo, Melo, UFO, Pickster and Bro’ Safari who has gone on to massive things.

It’s a great pleasure to have the label back with their head honcho, Mendez dropping this great free EP exclusively for Generation Bass, the blog that genuinely cares more about the music than any of the pomp or circumstance surrounding the scene!

The EP consists of 2 tracks which takes in Mendez’s more atmospheric and reflective side.  Never one to hide his emotions, they are on full display here.

“Sands of Time” takes on a Zoukesque feel.  It feels like a journey where you are travelling from Angola to a part of Africa which is much further north and north east, Morroco and Egypt.  The track has Arabic flair and trancey vocals, like a call to prayer. Sublime stuff!

“Sahuarita” stays closer to Mendez’s adopted home, Phoenix, Arizona where the infamous Gunslingaz material was developed and which found great favour amongst the Moombahton community.  This track is like a Wild West Anthem for some kind of thoughful revisionist Western where the lead charater is facing some of the dilemma’s that we all face in life and weighing up the pros and cons of his next move.

Great stuff, grab it for free now:

Here’s what the label says:

Mendez touching in with two completely different tracks. Sand of Time features a Middle Eastern feel while Sahuarita sounds like a Western theme song. For this release we have teamed up with our close friends at Generation Bass to spread the music world wide. Much love to UMB and all at GB. Once again, thank you all for the continual support and love. WAV versions will be available via Beatport in the next couple weeks.


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