I’ll never forget the time I went to South Africa with my dude Vince aka Drvg Cvltvre just before the World Cup in 2010. It was an amazing, depressing but eye-opening experience for me.

So I was really thrilled to see this trailer for a documentary on the music scene out there, a scene that has so much potential.

This is brilliant stuff man.

Watch the trailer to this exciting documentary and listen to the mix below featuring some names we met and heard on our travels over there 4 years ago.

20 years into it’s democracy, Future Sounds of Mzansi, is a documentary which aims to explore, express, and interrogating South Africa’s cultural landscape. A chief vehicle of this exploration is electronic music, a staple of South African popular culture.

It features an exciting range of emerging electronic music artists from various SA cities including Aero Manyelo; Black Coffee; Christian Tiger School; Felix Laband; John Wizards; Krushed & Sorted; Machepies; Markus Wormstorm; Mix & Blend; DJ Mujava; Naked Boys; Nozinja; Okmalumkoolkat; Panyaza; Rude Boys; Sibot; Spoek Mathambo; DJ Spoko; Zaki Ibrahim and many more.

We traveled around South Africa to explore our rich electronic music scene. For years there’s been a strong movement of producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and most importantly, party goers, giving themselves to new ideas of African electronic music.

We have seen a couple of generations unafraid to be proudly South African,proudly party rocking, proudly futuristic, international stake raisers, and hell raisers. The future looks awesome, blindingly beautiful and bursting at the seams with youth energy and talent.

Still a country steeped in poverty, crime, and injustice, we party like our lives depend on it. From the sounds of deep house to glitch hop, kwaito-house, township tech, sghubu sapitori; durban qhum, daintly melodic electronica to dubstep; super fast khawuleza and shangaan electro. The groove is thick and infectious. And we give ourselves to it.

Our mission was simple, to meet up with some of our heroes, colleagues, competition, and co-conspirators…an ever potent gang of electronic music pioneers sculpting The Future Sound of Mzansi.

Mixed bag of South African electronica/beats/house.

Crazy wave of producers coming from all parts of SA


Fantasma – Eye Of The Sun (Dj Mpula Remix)
Maramza – Sekwa Sithi_ft_Ruffest
Hlasko – Time
Okmalumkoolkat – Safe & Sound
ELPHNT – Bleep_Bloop
DJ Zinhle – My name Is ft Busiswa (Maramza Mix)
BIG FKN GUN – GQOMA ft. Manelis
Bateleur – Divorce (Christian Tiger School Remix)
Ol’tak – Manifest
Card On Spokes – Chocolate Covered Weekend
Cutting Gems – Tonight Baby
Maramza – Tearz
Wildebeats – Sexy Rich Girl
John Wizards – LEUK (OX++_Remix)
John Wizards – Hogsback
Pegasus Warning – The Mountain (Mujava, Spoko, Spoek Mathambo Remix)
Eltonnick Feat. Max Tutu – Benda
Madanon, Mreyza, ceeyaah ‘n Pilado – Idimoni
Tribal Warriors – Lerato ft. Noe-Li (Prod. by Dj Spoko & Panyaza)
Oskido Ft. Candy – Tsa Mandebele
Mash.O – The Village
Bhar ft Dj Tira and Sir_Bubzin – Uyabhampa
MrAppleSawc – Clicks Ticks
Jumping Back Slash – Plateaux
Jumping Back Slash – Always Unfinished But Never Outgunned
Madanoni ‘n oBen 10 – Opopayi (Ndakx n Xtralarge)

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