The second duo to appear on this game-changing & forthcoming release showcasing all the greatness of the Portuguese Bass Underground are SR Mala Noche & Roulet.

We’ve had our eye on Roulet ad his Kuduro stuff for some years and have supported him via our blog even before he became an Enchufada regular and it’s awesome to finally have him on one of our releases. The fact that he has teamed up with SR Mala Noche whose free EP we released a few weeks back is just pretty sublime.

On their track for this release they have contributed a track with polished sounds that take the sound to another level with slick girly samples and a new take on a trap beat with Afrobeat percussion. Pure genius!



Mala Noche is Nicolas Dias, a Portuguese producer based in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Supported and played by many big names from Diplo through to Buraka Som Sistema. He is primed to take the Bass scene by storm in the coming years with his cool riddims that take in everything from Tarraxo & Kizomba thru to Baile Funk & Trap, often with a big room sound that is simply too big to be contained only within France & Portugal.

He is part of the exciting New Wave of The Portuguese Bass Underground that is gonna take the world by storm.






Roulet aka Tiago Trole is from Lisbon studying Fine Arts and Multimedia at Beja University. He started producing in 2006. he came to our attention sometime in 2010 with some of his Kuduro output and was soon snapped up by Branko’s Enchufada label for a couple of EP releases back in 2011.

He describes his sound as completely crazy, a combo of what he feels at the moment that can turn out to be something aggressive or calm.

He makes everything from calm instrumentals to strong Kuduro/House/Techno 130/140 bpm.



Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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