Arabic sounds seem to be all the rage atm in Twerk & Trap since Dillon & DJ Snake dropped that “Get Low” track.  Saint was onto it first tho’ from about 1 year ago and I really liked his stuff a lot and it still stands out as some of the best out of the lot.

I’m not quite sure why suddenly there is this interest in fusing Trap & Twerk with Arabic music. Being an Arabic music connoisseur, how does it make me feel? Well it’s not my preferred cuppa but I don’t mind it, just as long it doesn’t become a parody or a joke. I’m all for Arabic music getting spread across the world, especially in the USA.

So Tcheep came my way via our mutual friend Flore and sent me this great EP that I’m really digging full of Oriental Trap Shit, some of the best I’ve heard since the early Saint releases.

We’re fortunate to have a a worldwide exclusive stream of one track for you from the EP, check this out and pre-order the EP cause damn, it’s Hot!!!

Also check out a teaser mix for the EP:

OASIS MECANIC ! Official release May 12th. Already available for preorder on iTunes:

You’ll have the crazy track “Madarabstractraptrack” & “Medicine for the painless” NOW if you preorder ! Thanks for your support !!! MUTANT NINJA

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