When I first started to explore some of the Arabic Electronic Fusion in early 2000’s, Barraka El Farnatshi Prod was one of the go to labels and production houses who use to supply me with a lot of material for my DJ sets.

I struck up a good relationship with them and in particular with their head honcho Pat Jabbar, a Swiss/Moroccan based musician/producer and Muslim revert. I worked with Pat on some great projects in the past and have continued to follow his progress. He doesn’t do live gigs anymore since 2008 but continues to work on the music.

His label is the home to everybody from Samatar & The Kasbah Rockers feat. Bill Laswell, Amira Saqati, Maghrebika, Azzddine, Dar Beida 04 through to the infamous Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects and many, many more.

You could probably say he helped to create what I call “ArabTronix”, a fusion of Arabic music with the Electronic ranging from House and Techno through to Psy Trance and other genres.

It’s great that 15 years later he continues to create this unqiue and brilliant music, the rest of the world should pay a lot more attention to it.

He has just released his latest work which is a bunch of remixes from the Barraka back catalogue which he calls “Arabitronics Lounge Volume 2”. It’s full of some awesome stuff, more on the chilled side but really, really worth checking out if you’re into this kind of thing like I am in a big way.

Here’s a track from the latest release:

Go and grab the whole thing from I-Tunes.

Here’s some more stuff from his label:

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