My brother Mayur is my all-time favourite Indian Electronica Artist and he also happens to be a close bro’ of mine. However, I do not allow my close relationship to him to inform a biased opinion of his musical output as I was a big fan of his music before we ever become close friends.

No-one sounds like Mayur and nobody really does DJ mixes like he does, I learnt quite a few tricks from him that influenced my own blends.

Great to see him back on top notch form with this truly exceptional mix full of great music, dialogue and emotion.  It covers everything from Indian Classical music through to Dubstep, Glitch and Electronica.

It’s his ode to freedom for all people around the world and I strongly subscribe to that view.  Major Kick-Ass mix & beautiful too!

Here’s what he says:

It’s been more than a year since I released a mix set. This one, titled Liberté which means Freedom in French, features a wide range of sound elements mashed up with Indian classical, Marathi film music, and samples currently in my ear…all the result of what I am hearing from all around the world. I dedicate this mix to all those that seek Freedom in all its forms: creative, political, spiritual and human.

Artwork is by Bosky Cherin.

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