Beat Laden: Portugese Bass Underground

Moving ever closer to the release date of this compilation showcasing some of the rough diamonds of the Portuguese Bass Underground, there will be a clutch of free tracks available soon.  One such free track will become available from this Artist who has been a mainstay in this underground scene in Portugal for some years.

Beat Laden who has worked with the likes of Batida comes up trumps with a Dub driven Dancehall edit for this release.


Beat Laden is a Portuguese music producer and sound engineer, owner of the Groundzero Recording Studio in Lisbon since 2004.

The music career started in 1995 as resident Dj in the historical underground club California in Lisbon.

In 1997 started to produce dance music, wich lead to his first 2 techno releases on vinyl by the end of 1999, out on the extinct Raveman Records.

Being disapointed by the way the techno scene was going in Portugal by these days, it was time for a change and the project Cartell 70 was created with mcs Pablo and Castro. Focusing more on genres as Drum n’Bass, Dub and Tri-Hop, Cartell 70 was a huge exploratory adventure in terms of production, opening up for collabs with many artists.

By 2004, himself and 2 associates, founded the Groundzero Recording Studio in Lisbon wich became a gathering point of several musicians and artists, ranging from African music to Indy Rock and Hip-Hop. Working at the studio as a recording and mixing engineer gave him the oportunity to work with a wide range of music genres and personalities from the local music scene, thus enriching his musical influences and experiences.

In 2005 he produces a record with one of his idols, the american artist Ithaka. In the same year Silvio Rosado invites him to join his band Nicorette as a “keyboard and fx” player, leading to an extended colaboration of the two in creating the improvisation performance events Bordell, and later the conceptual techno of Syntagma.

Being a studio engineer made it possible for Beat Laden to get in touch with some of the most interesting Creoule rappers of Portugal, Nigga Poison. Their work on the record Resistentes was a massive blast on the underground Cape Verdean diaspora rap in Portugal, putting them up as nominees for the Portuguese Golden Globes.

Around 2007 becomes the Front of House engineer for the world music band Terrakota, wich gave him the oportunity to travel around the world and experience many of the most important music festivals.

By the year 2009 Beat Laden was invited by Pedro Coquenão to co-produce Batida’s first record. This collab introduced him in style to the Global / Tropical Bass scene, leading to remix of one of his idols, Stereotyp aka Kubo.

As a producer he has credits in reference records as Terrakota’s World Massala, hitting #3 in the European World Music Chart, and Batida, #2 on the same chart, besides several reference records in the Portuguese scene between 2006 and 2012, mainly Reggae and Hip-Hop records.

As a Front of House engineer he collaborates with Batida, Dj Ride, Terrakota, Kumpania Algazarra, Alexandre Francisco Diaphra and many others.

As Beat Laden, he has released remixes on various labels as Man Recordings, Exploited, Project Mooncircle, Soundway Records, and Dutty Artz amongst others.

Check out his amazing sounds: