Doing a Mother’s Day Special reminds me of my second Generation Bass post ever, where I picked a cumbia song for every family member. This one is entirely dedicated your mom and I thought a ‘late Monday’ (= belated ‘Lazy Sunday’)-version would be more appropriate than ‘Sexxy’ Saturday’. Actually, I have been kinda lazy indeed, but not in a bad way. After finishing my thesis, I’ve been busy catching up with some social life last week (including seeing Morrison play in Eindhoven last Friday) and, back at my parents’ place after a couple of days, a sweet lazy Sunday is what is was this week. Plus that it was a day to pay some extra attention to my my mom and what she has meant to me in my life, which is always a special thing for me because, being adopted, I’ve got two mothers, one of whom I don’t know (yet). Mother’s Day, as I experience it, also means ‘extra-realising-this-special-thing-Day’. But let’s not get too sentimental now.

Having grown up in a country where the simple is often preferred over the spectacular, where mothers in general have an emancipated and pretty down-to-earth role and where American-style commercialisation is seen as ‘bad taste’, Mother’s Days were always simple for me. With help of our dad, we would make my mom a slightly-more-special breakfast and some small gifts, given to her either in bed or just on the dining table. The symbolic value being far more important than the actual thing.

Getting more into it, I discovered that Mother’s Day in Colombia is celebrated by many in a much more expressive way. And not just as a matter of commercialisation. As I have experienced it, it is the same symbolic value of mothering, but with an even stronger significance. Mothering as a sometimes harsh and demanding life-task, that deserves nothing but the deepest admiration and respect. And even more than with Valentine’s Day, expressive, emotional declarations of love, affection and happiness strike a chord with me. Even in ways many would probably see as cheesy. Therefore I selected some mainstream cumbia tunes here, to enjoy together on the couch, between the first chocolates from the gift box and with the flowers prominently in sight.

An Argentinian love declaration from I believe the late 70s or 80s from the band Los Leales: ‘Mom, for you’..

The next one is a song with a much happier vibe but an equally emotional text, that I couldn’t identify any further. The description says ‘cumbia for connoisseurs only’, which shows how little I in fact still know about cumbia. The style looks Mexican though..

This tune, the Andes-inspired sonidera song ‘Cumbia de las Madres’, is probably the best known mother’s theme in cumbia (judged by what you can find on the internet), played here on a sonidera dance night in Mexico City, with the characteristic style of MC-ing (turning down the volume every time you say something, and then back up).

And here a last Mother’s Day homage, from the Peruvian-Amazonian (also ungoogleable) cumbiambera Moshaquita de la Cumbia!

But let’s move on to the new treasures of this week..


We’ve got a lot of new mixtapes again and I’d like to start with the new edition of Yo Me Llamo Cumbia, which came online just one day ago and features the newest and highest quality nu-cumbia, among which tracks from the fresh new netlabel Latin Bass Mexico Records, which we will present soon in a separate post!


Regional Label is also back with a fantastic new mixtape, delivered by Orihuela M.S.S. who brings a deliciously digital blend of cumbia and a little bit of moombahton!

I’ve blogged amazing productions from the Colombian deep-cumbiambero Dany F quite regularly but as far as I can remember this is the first time I post a mixtape from his hand. Expect a great and diverse selection of happy-flavoured nu-cumbia! Wepa!


Last post, I blogged a cumbia mixtape featuring on the leading Latin-urban channel LaCoQuillita. This week they are back with a new edition, again with a nice selection of classics!

We’ve seen DJ FUNK-E from Dallas a while ago, featuring in a track from Erick Jaimez. I was talking to Jaimez lately and asked him how the music scene in Dallas has developed ever since the 3ball bubble bursted. He told me ‘uptempo cumbia’ is kindof becoming a ‘thing’ now. This Cinco de Mayo mix may not be exactly that but it’s a pretty dope, euphoric blend of cumbiahouse, cumbiaton, 3ball, moombahton, and cumbia-twerk!


The usually dark-experimentally oriented Argentinian DJ-producer and MC Flor Linyera, makes her debut on Sexxy Saturday cumbia with this powerful mix of both new and older villera bangers!


More cumbia villera and especially cumbiaton from another newcomer, the Mexican Dj and experimental beatmaker Kuko Selekta.


The AlfreDJ Project from Chiapas, Southern Mexico delivers the perfect tape to close this section in style: an accessible selection of reggae-flavoured cumbia and many pop-cumbifications of the type we’ve seen often at the end of my posts. This is the kind of feelgood-vibe that is perfect to introduce almost any crowd to cumbia grooves on one of the coming summer festivals!


EP releases:

This fantastic Mini-EP from Tribilínsound, which appeared already two weeks ago as an exclusive release on CasetteBlog. This fantastic prehispanic-futuristically styled EP consists of two equally delicious tracks. ‘Onanismo’ is experimental cumbiaton with sharp synths, while ‘Un Hasta Luego’ fuses intense prehispanic 3ball percussion with 808 drums and amazing atmospheric sound-effects!

Get the EP here for free!


The Mexican nu-cumbia band Astros de Mendoza is back with a fresh new EP with one main track and two remixes. ‘Vamos Bailando’ seems to combine the vibes of cumbia villera, sonidera and reggaeton, completed with their own forward-looking twist. The first remix is from Dany F, who maintains a rhythmically similar downtempo cumbiaton vibe but completely refashioned with experimental acid-techno drums and synths! In the second remix, Andrés Digitalspeeding up the tempo and adding more dembow, transforms the laidback original song into a vibrant moombah-cumbia banger!

Both remixes have a download link, the original song unfortunately not…


Piper Street Sound released a full-track-preview of a latin-dub EP that will be released on Boom One Records in the beginning of July. Only the three last tracks are cumbia but here you can already enjoy the whole thing. We’ll come back to this in a separate post when it’s out!


Single releases:

I missed out on Qechuaboi‘s great new tunes last week so more than time to open the single-releases section with them now!

The first one is a cumbia-tribute to the mother of all raves on the European continent!

The second one, ‘Bubblicious’, is a collab with the Argentinian digital tropicalist Cherman: powerful cumbia-bass with the rigth amount of dance-drive to prepare a crowd for an euphoric climax!

Make sure you also check out his other new releases, which are not cumbia but equally fantastic!

Erick Jaimez is back with a preview of his 3rd volume of Dallas Cumbiaholic will offer: a sped-up, minimalistic cumbification of Future & Pharrel’s hit ‘Move that Dope’, which’ transforms the original’s grimey bass sound into an almost techno-ish groove!


I was really happy seeing my buddy Gabriel Rowano, an alround bass and trance producer, apply his endless creativity to this amazing, folkloric-cumbia-inspired moombahton! I will also post this in my upcoming moombahton post but the cumbia element is so strong in this one that it definitely belongs here too!


The next tune from the Mexican moombahtonista The Ghost is a absolute banger. After an intro featuring sampled cumbia spiced up with delicous distorted kicks that subltly build up tension, mindblowing bass synths elevate the vibe to a mad climax. This is the magical tune that will get the whole crowd jump around the dancefloor!

And Rod Franco, from Guatemala, moombahfied Celso Piña & Control Machete‘s classic hit and Monterrey’s unofficial anthem ‘Cumbia Sobre El Rio‘ is a perfect one to keep the passionate dance-energy in motion!


After all this heavy energy, the Spanish tropicalist Coconutah brings some soothening release with two laidback cumbia tunes…

The first one is a fusion of similarly flavoured accordion-cumbia with a classic dub-vibe and oldskool dubstep bass synths.

The second one is an absolutely delicious ‘ambient’-flavoured production, with lots of flutes, forest sounds and organic-sounding percussion.

Sitlaly also goes into the direction of an ambient vibe with this smooth track that brings in mind a silent summer night on a deserted tropical beach.


Since I’m getting more and more into psy- and goa-vibes these days, I’ve developed a special interest in hybrid genres like psydub and psybient, which are buzzing around as a possible ‘next-big-thing’ (I’ll try to never use that terrible swear-word again because I honestly believe that the days of ‘very-big-things’ are over anyway, which is only better.. but more about that in another post..). I just started exploring these things more but one of the first things I do when getting into something new is looking for a possible common-ground with cumbia. But I found out about this second channel of the Mexican digital cumbiambero Sonido ErreErre Sound System, which is focused more strongly on dub, psydub and dubtechno. This wonderfully soothening, prehispanic-cumbia-flavoured psydub track from last week is the most recent addition to a nice list of psychedelically flavoured productions!


Since the all the weekend-wildness already lies behind us, I dediced not to close with bangers..

..but with a feelgood section:

A couple of weeks ago we presented the great, wildly transnational album from ShazaLaKazoo, dedicated to that second moustache that some of us, including myself, have above our eyes. The moombalkan banger Menea, featuring Miss Bolivia, was reworked this week by the Italian tropicalist Dj Morru into happy-jumpy feelgood-cumbiaton.

This cumbification of the dirty version of Estelle’s new single ‘Make Her (Pussy) Say (Beat It Up)‘ by the Boston-based tropicalist FuzzyFotch, is without any doubt the least mother-suitable track this week, but all the more epic!

The AlfreDJ Project cumbiafied two of the most-played songs in the respective years when they leaded the hit charts..

Sean Paul ft. Sasha’s ‘I’m Still in Love’..

..and Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette’s hit ‘Hello’!


With this half-cumbification of Otto Knows’ hit ‘Million Voices’, switching to the uptempo groove of the original, the Mexican tropicalist Fricci provides the ideal switch-track to go from cumbia back to house or uptempo pop! Ideal for a short cumbia-excursion in a mainstream summer-vibes set!


Friccardos, the project where Fricci joins forces with Los Ricardos, did also release a new tune: a mashup of a cumbiafied ‘Sexy Back’ with Sergio Mendes’ ‘Magdalenha’!


I’m closing this week’s edition with the two new releases from the Colombian dj, remixer producer and tropicalist Don Alex!

The first one is a remix of Don Alex‘ ‘Hardy Pump‘ by the Argentinian EDM oriented dj-producer Alessandro Fernandez

The final banger is a powerful fusion of The Chemical Brothers’ hit ‘Galvanize’ with accordion-cumbia: ‘Push the Cumbia’!


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