We’re huge fans of DJ Paparazzi aka Nuno Gomes and have been ever since we discovered and heard his material some time ago.  His “Los Tarraxo” EP was the first EP we released under the “Zouk Bass” banner, albeit, that was a bit of a crafty move on our part because in reality the whole EP was Tarraxinha. It is Tarraxinha though that underpins the whole of the Zouk Bass sound and we didn’t want that to be overlooked or forgotten about, hence the crafty move. I think we made our point and consequently DJ Paparazzi is looked upon as one of “THE” guys.

Latterly, Paparazzi has been focusing more on the commercial Kizomba sound and we gotta say we really miss his raw Tarraxinha and Tarraxo’s as that is what really interested us about him. But that kind of sound is not gonna bring him the live gigs atm as it is still too underground and so sometimes reality has to take precedence over the “Art”.

The track he has contributed for the Portuguese Bass Underground is one called “African Roots” and it has that raw African vibe that we know and love from the grimy Kuduro mp3’s we’ve been playing the last 5 years. It is this kinda grimy sound and vibe that has been the prime instigator for this release and that excites us most about this whole scene.



The great DJ Paparazzi was born in Luanda, Angola and he started out as a Kuduro dancer. He began his career as a DJ in Portugal (Lisbon) in 2006 and then as a Producer in 2008. He is currently based in London.

He has long paid his dues and is a club dj at several long running nights all over the UK and before that, he played records in several Lisbon clubs. He is currently touring all over Europe at various Kizomba parties & festivals and is one of the most in demand live dj’s on that growing circuit.

He is also a producer who has been featured on some high octane compilations with Kuduro and African House like Project Semba Not Pe, Album Segredos and the acclaimed Danca Angola Project Vol1. His blend of deep bass and twitchy rattling percussion has GENIUS written all over it.

He hasn’t even started to show what he is capable of as of yet and so if we were you, he is one name that we would keep on our Genius radar for the future. We can’t get enough of him over here at Generation Bass and here’s the reason why:





Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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