Another one of the main reasons, why we wanted to put this project together was to showcase exciting new talents like this guy. Sadly, we couldn’t get enough of these younger guys interested enough to participate in this project, we’re not quite sure why. Some were interested right at the beginning and had indeed indicated a committment to submitting a track but then we find them going silent, suddenly appearing with another label and no longer talking to us or just simply ignoring our follow up messages. It is a pretty strange scene to infiltrate.

Anyway, luckily for us Anderson was onto it and stuck with it and he first came to our attention via DJ Paparazzi who had included a collab with Anderson on his “Los Tarraxo” EP that we released early last year.

We checked him out further and were just amazed to discover his crazy Tarraxo and Fodencia riddims. Tarraxo is an even more raw and dark version of Tarraxinha, more focused on the percussions, rhythm and less on the melody. Then you have “Fondecia” which is another style of Tarraxo, a street or Dirty ghetto style, which lietrally means “Fuckery” and is banned from clubs in Portugal.

On his track for the Portuguese Bass Underground he explores that raw Fodencia and Tarraxo vybz on a track that will be considered a pivotal and classic track in future years. It is this kind of Artist who for us showcases one of the most exciting layers to the yet unexplored Portuguese Bass Underground.

It’s guys like Anderson who are the future of this Underground scene!

Anderson Teixeira [TxiGa Pro]


My name is Anderson Teixeira best known for (Deejay Puto Anderson), I’m 20 years old I am from Portugal. I always liked music and started to live with various deejays and producers and as I am quite curious started by downloading programs to produce as Fl Studio after a time I found friends who had the same taste in music and I formed a group of 4 elements by which we call TxiGa Productions and is about to do 3 years of production. We begin by creating African styles due to taste and our inspiration for the group Home of the Mother.



Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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