Due  the lack of time for more regularity on the blog i opted for a resume about what´s hot in my player for my last post. Past and  future releases of some artists that I’ve been listening and following with more regularity. Will be a big resume, so many great artists to mention, to short time.

SP Deville is undoubtedly one of the artists that make me anxious waiting for new material. After the inflammable IAMDEVILLE album where he used cathartic ways to explore the most heavy side of Dubstep, reminding me the Israel connection with Borgore, Tomba, Whisker Twister and Shekel on the lead.  The beats are dark. Kuduro, Trap and other styles can be listened but will always end on a sweaty rave. The excellence of the guests on the tracks is remarkable and the forthcoming work must be a more perfect exploration of his own sound.


recent work of SP Deville with NGA and Dj Pausas

Forthcoming works

Surrounded also by great artists and releasing tight works is the Angolan beatmaker Gaia Beat. He released a hot mixtape recently. Check it out.

Keeping the vibes in the Afro-Portuguese universe i need to put lights on the forthcoming work of Marfox on NYC´s Lit City Trax. 2 previews  already come out to tease the listeners.

To finish the Portuguese chapter i must mention mandatorily some labels and artists. Dub Sundaes label which i already covered on G.B.  released a new work since then. A2P – Wheels EP have a more dense atmosphere than B.Riddim, keeps the  140bpm and makes you travel far away.

Iberian Records which made a superb comeback with 2 releases bringing always the most hot artists from Portugal and Spain.

Dissident Label, the fresh project from the Klipar maintains the coherence and timing between the releases giving us all time to breath and enjoy them.

Other Portuguese artists that i didn’t have time to cover here but will be a good investment if you choose to listen, are:



Photonz and One Eyed Jacks. Personal project set up by themselves and the visual artist/DJ Márcio Matos a.k.a. Javenger Dourado




From Brazil we also expect great beats and this guys don’t disappoint. From the  Heavy Baile joints of Leo Justi which soon will release a new video for “Vira a Cara” track to Funk Na Caixa forthcoming material and of course Xão Produções. These are some of the hottest tracks released recently.

Now jumping to some heavy bass prophets. Main Course have been releasing some interesting material such as in SNACKS series or as BOT or Astronomar independently.

Dizzy Bell is also one of the names to keep an eye closer. His latest releases in Stereotyp ´s Crunchtime Rec. are tight and very tasty.

Regarding to Juke/Beats/Trap/BMore/Grime stuff i will only mention the latest compilations i recently dig since there’s to much stuff happening at the moment.

Showcasing South African artists we have DRK&LVLY Records with “Beauty and the Beats Vol.1

The independent collective /label STHWST have been consistently releasing some amazing compilations.

The Russian label Hyperboloid is also one of my addictions.

That´s it. You can keep following my work on Lacroixx platforms.





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