What’s super, super exciting about this scene is dudes like this dude. Mostly, when you hear about Portuguese Bass music, you hear about the usual suspects with a more commercial slant to the music to fit in with all the usual styles elsewhere in the world. Whilst, there is nothing wrong with that, and some of the sounds are pretty good, I just find it super-boring.

What gets my mojo workin’ is this kind of stuff, underground, dirty, raw, grimy, innovative, original, unique and not in the least bit pandering to bland commercial taste.

I understand that to make $$ in this business and to get bookings, you have to pander to bland commercial tastes but that’s like conformity, it’s super- boring and takes the Heart out of Art.  Then you have scenesters trying to preserve a scene for themselves and not letting others in because they will take away some of the spotlight from them and most importantly too, the potential to make the $$$.  They pretend to give a hand whilst intentionally keeping them down. That is part of the politics and the uglier side of the music business and I’ve seen it happen many times in so many different scenes and the Portuguese Bass scene is not exempt from it either.

Dudes like Bebedera have that innocence and raw talent and are making music that sounds like nobody else.  Problem is that it is not appreciated enough and they start to try to aim for more commercial sounds hoping to gain greater recognition.  For me though that rawness and great unique sound is then lost!  I hope some of the guys start to realize that it is that raw Tarraxo & Fodencia that sets them apart from everybody else and it is that sound which many European (including other Portuguese producers) and American producers could only dream of being able to make.

I first heard the term “FODENCIA” from this dude. If you want to know more about Fodencia, it’s origins and roots, then READ HERE.

He had tagged it as the genre style for one of his tracks, this one in fact and it just literally blew my mind:

This track just kept on taking me back to an amazing remix of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped”  and I just thought of all the amazing things that could be done with this sound, which btw are still waiting to be done.

Dj BeBeDeRa’s track for the Portuguese Bass Underground is as equally as mind-blowing as anything that he has done and he keeps faithful to the dirty Fodencia, Ghetto Tarraxo vybz that I luv so much.

Once again, here is a part of Portugal’s great future, no-one else in the world sounds like these guys! It is this kind of Artist who for us showcases one of the most exciting layers to the yet unexplored Portuguese Bass Underground. It’s guys like this who are the future of this Underground scene!

Dj BeBeDeRa


My name is Danilo Furtado, better known by (Dj BeBeDeRa).

I started to hear the DJs Hepoca 2009, 2011 as Leo Dj, Dj Marfox. I quite enjoyed the melodies and the style of music like Kuduro, Tarrachinha, Semba and Kizomba. Then my long-time friend and DJ/producer Dj Maboku introduced me FL Studio and I started to produce music. I was inspired by much older styles until I eventually found my own style.

Inspiration? My Inspiration rises when I think of Art, through climates of life, every moment we live, and even people who can seem strange but it is everything that brings me inspiration and translates into what you hear in my music.



Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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