After being Premiered in the brilliant “The Playlist: Middle Eastern and North African Music” in the Guardian yesterday, we’re ready to drop this gem for free right now.

SaBBo resides in Israel but his mother is of Yemen descent and he grew up listening to this kind of Yemeni music, mostly at family events. He finally got around to flipping one of the tracks from the sound of his childhood, this one by Fatimah al-Zaelaeyah.

The drumming on the copper tray aka “Sahn Suhasi” on the original version really intrigued him and allowed him to draw parallels with the industrial and experimental riddim explorations that had been taking place in his production style with Future Tarraxo aka Zouk Bass.

On his remix he retains the sparseness and circular gong-like riddim and the wavering vocals and has kept his additional drums simple so that the copper tray continues to get the deserved spotlight and he has also added some classic techno stabs.




J. McFly

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