So Diamond Bass is one of the dudes from the Portuguese Bass Underground who caught our attention back in 2010 around the same time as when Roulet appeared on the scene.

He was making these crazy African House/Bass beats that just knocked us out. We didn’t have a label back then but if we had, you could be sure he would have been one of our first signings. A few months after helping to raise his profile on the Bass circuit around the globe via our blog he got the call from Branko and his Enchufada label and did some releases with them focusing more on infiltrating the commercial dance networks.

We don’t feel Diamond Bass has quite yet reached his full potential, not in terms of exposure in any event, and it’s something we can’t quite understand as he is one of the most talented Bass producers around even to this very day.

Maybe things will start changing for him soon and he’ll begin to make the sort of impact we’ve been waiting in anticipation for since we first heard his tunes, we really, really hope so anyway.

We feel really honoured that he makes his second appearance on one of our releases. The first time he made an appearance was on our free, 3 disc “It’ll Take a Million To Hold us Back” Compilation back in 2010.

He makes his second appearance on this Portuguese Bass Underground release as one of the most established Artists on it. On the killa track that he has provided for us he returns to his African Bass roots and delivers a funky Tribal cut that is as much addictive as it is hypnotic. You just know this track is the one that will have dance floors all around the world rocking and going metal!



Diamond Bass is an upcoming Global Bass producer and DJ from Lisbon, Portugal. After cutting his teeth on the DJ booths of Lisbon and Oporto’s main clubs, Joel Ildefonso aka Diamond Bass got bit by the production bug and started to experiment with his own beats to add a personal flavor to his sets. Breathing in the African culture that was assimilated in Lisbon’s everyday life, Diamond Bass began mixing these rhythms with the electronic UK Bass culture to produce his own take on the global ghetto revolution.

After being spotted on the Generation Bass blog, Diamond Bass was taken in by Enchufada, the home label of the Portuguese party-starting phenomenon called Buraka Som Sistema, one of the major influences that shaped the young producer’s sound, who also names Bok Bok, T. Williams, Brenmar, Roska, Scratcha DVA as artists who inspired him to develop his fever-inducing brand of dance music. “Se Prepara”, his debut EP on Enchufada got him international attention by gathering support from the likes of Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Martelo and Stereotyp, to name just a few.

Diamond Bass has also been busy spinning his eclectic selections of House, Kuduro, Dubstep and whatever globalized and bass-heavy tune makes the crowd dance the most, taking over major Portuguese clubs like the prestigious Lux or Plano B. However, this young bass-obsessed DJ has already crossed the border to spread the tropical fever to countries like the UK, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands, while sharing the booth with renowned DJs like Branko, Sinden, Buraka Som Sistema, Benga, Zombies For Money, WILDLIFE!, Octa Push, DJ Marfox, Myd, Munchi and many more.

Continue to pay attention to this young and talented artist, one of the best and brightest of the new wave of Lisbon DJs and producers bit by the Global Bass bug.




Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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