Cover rasterinha vol2

Hey guys, so here is the vol.2 from rasterinha ep. Actually, I can’t say EP because there is 12 tracks and sound as a álbum, so…yes, we have a album.

I cant undestand direct how everything is happening. I wrote a article in december discouvering the movement. Ask for a track or remix for few friends and in feb. we release the vol1. Now, 3 months after we have another  álbum. You can download it for free here ou in WAV for a e-mail here.

In this Album, happened something strange: I didn’t show any track, to any producer, but the tracks talk each other. Like, first track Rumbaa is a track with instruments, sounds like a jaz with vocals of Mc. The same Happen with the Mc Maromba track, with instruments. And happened again with Dj Kin Track. Let me introduce a few of this:

Also, there is some very good tracks to play on mixtapes and insert a PLUS of bass line. Viní and Guto de Almeida are two producers responsable for that. Viní come with a rasterinha-core, hehe, with a big influence from moombahcore with heavy and crashed synths. Guto, as always, use yout hability to create another good track – sounding very next from remix of Take Control – but now is a original. And, f*ck, he create a glue melody and if you listen it, you will singing this melody for all afternoon,BUT a very good music:

Other amazing good point from this album, is tracks with good lyric of baile funk. Actually, all scene of funk carioca is getting influence from begging of baile funk culture. The lyrics are talking about sexuality – but not porn -, about funny things and they are using a languague wich create a double meaning for lyrics. So you can listen and laugth about it, or you will just listen for fun, nothing will hit you. And this is a good point, if years ago we’ve the ‘Proibidão’ which was a very agressive lyric, now you can listen and sign it together.

Here we have few producers which use very good vocals: Bumps, Mc Maromba and the creator of Quero Bunda beat, Dj RD da NH. Damn, I was excited with this production, and he send me this very good track. I was waiting for a good track exploring the beat, but better from this, is a original Mc singing in a rasterinha track.

(Sh*t, the idea wasn’t talk about full album, but this is so good I cant’ stop)

Well, finishing it, we have some experimental track to send rasterinha to next level. Mettabanna is my favorite to make it. He have great ideas to create the beat, to explore other instument and influence on this beat. And I have to say, there is no more a easy beat or something ‘starting’. Rasterinha IS in a next level with very good productions.

Other very good and young producer is RRRIO. He used a 2 differents vocals to create this track, starting with a girl talking about how much she enjoy sex! Yeah, great talk, I enjoyed hehe

So my friends that’s it. A great album only of rasterinha. Originals, no remixes. Taking the style for next level. Everything started just for a article and now a movement is beginning to have style, hits and dominating your own place in bass culture and global ghetto music.

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