We’re on the home straight, this release comes out on Monday and we have 2 artists left to cover. DZC Deejays are one of those artists, it’s hard to believe that they have been going for 10 years!!!! Yet, they’ve been hidden, unknown from the world until most recently. They always say some of the best gems remain hidden but sparkle so brightly when uncovered (well, actually I’m not sure they say that as I just made it up but it sounds quite good.)

DZC sure have shone like Diamonds since they have been given more prominence on the scene (yes, I know Diamonds don’t shine, they reflect, Rihanna stupidly taught us that).

But Why has it taken so long?

This is one of the tragedies of the Portuguese Bass Underground, a multitude of hugely talented artists don’t get a look in whilst the usual few grab all of the limelight, life is not fair and neither is it in the Portuguese Bass Scene. This can be pretty demoralising for those trying hard to catch some of the limelight but are kept in the shade, it makes them lose their confidence and belief, it’s not good. That’s how the DZC crew were when I first came across them and started to converse with them. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t quite understand their own brilliance and just looked at things so matter of factly and were not really being excited about any of the attention they were receiving and were not expecting anything huge to come from it.

On top of that, the other tragedy about the Portuguese Bass Underground is that from my conversations on-line with the dudes living there, it appears as though Portugal is still stuck in a racial segregation time-warp!!

C’mon man, this is 2014 and we are in Europe but it seems as though this is the case in Portugal with young black kids of African descent being stuck in “The Projects” and big stories being made about how they have escaped “The Projects” to make music with white people.  I mean it’s supposedly a BIG THING that young white and black kids are (God Forbid) mixing together on nights out at the local clubs!!!! I mean, c’mon, do we still have to sell music on the back of stories like that as opposed to the merits of the actual music, in 2014!!!! Wow, maybe Europe is not so civilized or sophisticated after all.  Makes me feel truly and epicly futuristic living in the UK cause those kinds of situations hardly ever exist here anymore.

DZC are an insanely talented bunch of people and it makes me a happy man that they are at long last receiving some of the plaudits and critical acclaim that they all so thoroughly deserve. I just hope it continues to build because they sure have crazy talent within their ranks and they have the potential to be one of the leading Bass Groups in the world.

After all it was their track “Tarraxo Na Parede” that kicked off that infamous Boiler Room and that had all of us scrambling to find out who that sound was by.

We were lucky enough to release their Deep In Zouk Bass EP last year:

They have also featured on all of the free and official Zouk Bass compilations thus far. They have a follow up EP dropping on Generation Bass later this year.

The track that they contributed to the Portuguese Bass Underground compilation/EP is another from that same unexplored Bass underground that displays the deepest and darkest corners of Future Tarraxo aka Zouk Bass.



Di Zona Crew (DZC) is a Revolution Music Movement with more than 10 years of experience in music. They are a talented group of Dj’s, Re-mixers, Producers and Graphics Designers. Created in 2002 in Portugal, Setubal – Bela Vista.

ZOUK BASS as a name for a scene was first brought to our attention by a Buraka Som Sistema’s Boiler Room set, which incidentally started with the Deejay Kuimba track “Tarraxo Na Parede” and so there’s some history in this crew.

DZC are young kids messing around with software and getting stuck on a new tempo, a new discovery that is taking the internet by storm. It has the same almost distorted power as the tracks you might find in Angola or in a Lisbon outskirt.

The DZC crew is bringing the fire to those who are ready to listen and we at Generation Bass are proud to be on the forefront of yet another musical revolution, bringing original music to your ears.

Who are DZC Deejays?

Jõao Kuimba


José Matabaya


Paulo 2pekes


Ruben Snypah


Paulo Sacaninha


Moises Motello





Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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