So, the last remaining Artist on this great release is the one and only DJ N.K.

An amazing, raw and exceptional talent within this scene who has been making some stellar stuff for quite some time. Once again, however, he is another that has been going unnoticed and it’s something yet again we don’t understand.

We released his totally exceptional “Angola Zurik” EP on our label not so long ago and it’s been doing its rounds on all the recent Bass mixes.

On his track for the Portuguese Bass Underground he delivers a number that is filled with up-tempo tribal drum computer sounds. It’s a track about driving percussion that make you want to cut it loose on a dance floor.



A veteran of the Kuduro scene, DJ N.K aka Pedro Cardoso is a Portuguese producer.

Born in Lisbon, the son of an Angolan Mother and Portuguese father, his taste for music developed from a very early age under the influence of his parents whose daily dose of African rhythms stuckmwith him as he grew up.

He says it was the sound of DJ Amorim and Rey Weeba that influenced him the most into making his own productions.

He started producing in 2000 and began with HipHop for his Crew at the time. When he started high school in 2004, he met the WRP (West Row People) a Rap music group and he would compose all the beats for them.

He was nicknamed DJ N.K. (Night Kid) because his musical inspiration only happened at night.
It was in 2005 that he finally started making some Kuduro and these were some of his earliest releases:

DJ N.k – Mata Dj que me Mata Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)
DJ N.k – Mixagens part.1/2/3 Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)
DJ N.k – Dance VS Kuduro Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)
DJ N.k – Tanta Raiva Album: (Tipo Bala 2005)

In 2006, he devoted himself entirely to producing only Kuduro and he had big successes, such as:

DJ N.k – MSN Kuduro Songs
DJ N.k – Alarma Kuduro
DJ N.k – Businansso
DJ N.k – Muita Kiwaia ft. The Best
DJ N.k – Alarme Nocturno

He then met DJ Marfox who invited him to join the DJ’s in the Ghetto. This group consisted of 6 DJ ‘s, Dj Fofuxo, Dj Marfox, Dj, Dj Nervoso Jesse, Dj breaks and Dj Jesse.

DJ N.k – Estravagancia
DJ N.k – Parolas Assassinas
DJ N.k – Instrumentais Pesados
DJ N.k – Tarracho é contigo

Through Marfox, he then met Kuduro vocalists Dama Pink (D. Pink Star), Dama Kriola creating a three-way project with the songs:

Dama Pink & Dama Kriola – Dança da Bunda
Dama Pink & Dama Kriola – Bo Ta Rebola
The Best – Muita Kiwaia

2007 launches the digital album “DJ N.k – Ku-Mando”
2008 launches the digital album “DJ N.k – Kizomba MIX TAPE”
In 2009/2010 he produced for a musical project (“The Magical”), consisting of two vocalists Farao and William King of Love (backstage reporter of the “Idols” an entertainment program of Portuguese television station) .

Da Magical – Essas Damas
Da Magical – Nanananana
Da Magical – O Verão

He has created other stuff through the years too:

Mango – Fantoche

D.PinkStar (Kuduro/AfroHouse)
D.PinkStar – Lhe Estraga
D.PinkStar – 6ºFeira
Prince Singh (Kizomba/House/R&B)

Prince Singh – Mulher Bomba
Prince Singh – Skinny Jeans

Preet Ray (House/Word Music)

Preet Ray – TeriJawani

In 2014 DJ N.K. is known for crazy music tracks that make everyone vibrate and sweat to the sound of Tribal Kuduro.



Release Date : 19 May 2014
Artwork: Steve Ohh

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