Balkan goes to Jamiaca and they end up in outer-space!!!

Strange concept obviously with a fancy dress party in mind, which might take away from treating it as a serious work but maybe that is the intention.

Sounds good and is fun.

The Ufoslavians are landing on planet earth.Our mission is to reunite the Balkans and promote the underestimated countries and artists all around the world

Musically the Ufoslavians are a mixture of reggae, balkan, electronica & world music. Including 10 songs with features from singers,rappers & presenters from the UK, France, Brasil, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Makedonija, Serbia, Croatia etc…Beside the singers there are over 20 guest musicians which makes this album an international mixure of talents, styles and tradition.

The band (beside others) consists of two main characters called Velebeat and Dubimir. They are wearing green fluorescent suits all over the body and speaking with rusty voices. In live performances, Dubimir & Velebeat are incharged for live electronica (+djing) and special performances during the show.

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