The Portuguese Bass takeover continues as this great new release by SR Mala Noche further testifies.

Having released on both Generation Bass and Enchufada in the past and most recently appearing on The Portuguese Bass Underground, SR Mala Noche actually takes it up a noche with this EP, perhaps the finest of his career thus far.

The 4 tracks on this EP demonstrate a hitherto unexplored part of his more up beat Club output ands if this is anything to go by, we reckon clubland better be prepared for a Mala Noche takeover.

Scintillating stuff:

Here’s what the label say:

The Portuguese-French producer Mala Noche has been on a roll in the last year, making a name for himself in the thriving Global Club Music scene with a string of tropical-flavoured beats. Starting out as a collaborative project with Enchufada’s own moombah aficionado KKing Kong, Mala Noche aka Nicolas Dias is now a solo artist who’s adeptly exploring the sensual and melodic side of zouk bass, baile funk and rasteirinha, occasionally stepping out of his comfort zone to deliver straight-up club bangers.

His relationship with Enchufada started in 2013 as he contributed the energetic beats of Macaco to the Upper Cuts free download series, followed by the dreamy Pa Bô included in ‘We Call It Zouk Bass Volume I’, which only confirmed the raw potential of this young beatmaker on the rise. Releasing a full-fledged EP was already on our minds, but the four banging tracks he sent us sealed the deal. Now, those four high-energy club tunes come to light as Mala Noche’s brand new EP ‘Metele’.

Starting with the thumping kicks and rolling breaks of Senta, it’s clear that this EP shows a different side of the smooth Mala Noche that you might know from his 90 BPM creations. Ramping up the pace to a club-friendly 130BPM, the producer fuses dense baile-funk influences with a techno attitude, warping dense percussive rhythms to create a truly hedonistic vibe, an approach which he takes even further with the rattling beats of Dohko. The titular Metele sees the pace drop to a moombahton-friendly 110BPM, pairing frenetic vocal samples with engaging afro-inspired percussions, before finishing on a high-note with Chivas, a global-flavoured banger with hypnotic synths that was built for tireless dancefloors.

Join us in welcoming a rising talent of the Global Club Music scene, whose new EP is sure to find its way into the bag of every DJ with a taste for the tropical side of things.

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