Feeling pretty depressed after trying to grapple with the realization that that GENIUS, the greatest ever Prince this world has ever known, has just left my home city Birmingham after I caught him live here twice in the past 2 weeks, I was just about to top myself until I came across this edit on Soundcloud.

Our boy Doc Adam, one of the OG (sadly often over-looked & most underrated) Moombahtonista’s edited one of his tracks from his brilliant “Around the world in a Day” album, an often overlooked and most underrated work of art from Prince’s back catalogue with The Revolution.  Prince actually played this track live at the first of his Birmingham gigs last week and man it was glorious!

Doc prescribed the right tonic and this cheered me up no end & prevented me from topping myself.

Check it out:

He also did this awesome edit of that classic Specials Ska track and the strange thing is that they also have a Midlands connection as they hail from Coventry which is like 30 minutes from where I presently live and also where I use to live for a short period in the last decade:

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