Let’s get Cosmic and downright deep and weird.

The Pioneer of Afrofuturism and all round great Jazz musician, Poet and Philosopher, there was only one Sun Ra.

2 awesome “vinyl” mixes here by our friend DJ Aardvark, now this is what real music is all about and what a character he was too, just how we luv them over here.

All lovingly chronicled and put together by a man who knows his music.

<<<Radio Aardvark Special>>> Sun Ra Centenary Part 1 – The 50s & 60s by Dj Dave Aardvark on Mixcloud

A chronological exploration of the cosmic sounds of the Sun Ra Arkestra…

Most of the band’s music in the 50s and 60s was self recorded using a simple tape recorder – the sound is often lo fi & primitive, but sometimes drenched in massive reverb. These records were pressed in small numbers and released on the bands own label, Saturn Records.(Most of these albums have now been reissued.)
Thematically, the music harked back to Ancient African themes but also looked to the Future & Outer Space. From the mid 60s onwards the compositions are often increasingly complex, abstract and multilayered, focusing on polyrythmic sound textures.

All tunes sourced from Mr. Aardvark’s vinyl collection.

Dates given are recording dates rather than release dates.
Chronology mostly based on Robert L. Campbell’s Discography.

<<<Radio Aardvark Special>>> Sun Ra Centenary Part 2 – 1970 Onwards…. by Dj Dave Aardvark on Mixcloud

In the 70s as the band expanded & added female singer/dancers, Sun Ra’s palette also extended to include synthesizers.

The band became more of a touring band, often playing and recording in Europe. Many of the albums were live from now on, and as the decade progressed, Ra wished to give audiences a but of a musical history lesson with mammoth sets lasting many hours and including covers of old swing classics as well Ra’s compositions.

Some of the records from the late 70s also showed an influence from jazz-funk and disco. Though controversial at the time amongst purists, they are now recognised as being amongst Ra’s greatest works.

All tunes sourced from Mr. Aardvark’s vinyl collection.

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