Sadly, Cold War rhetoric can be heard in the media these days over the current crisis in Ukraine. That brings me the reminiscence of the news i had to listen on my dad`s radio while i was playing games on my Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the early 80`s in Yugoslavia – no matter if i listen to CNN or Russia Today`s latest headlines. Well, what a timing for this release! Midget Ninjas, my Slavic brothers from Moscow are back with the latest of their super-unique Soviet Bass series! Their third album is called IDM (Ideological Dance Music) and contains even 17 tracks inspired by the glorious Soviet era. Here`s some official info about it:

“Midget Ninjas a crew of sound producers and djs who launched a Global Bass subgenre called Soviet Bass present a new album “I.D.M. (Ideological Dance Music). After starting with some fun edits and remixes of soviet songs Midget Ninjas took it all to another level and transformed edits to more sophisticated remixes using public speeches of the Soviet leaders, texture sounds of the Cold War and lots of stereotypes to show the beautyness of Soviet musical heritage mixed with a variety of Tropical Bass or Global Bass genres experimenting with 3ball Guarachero, Zouk Bass, Moombahton, Kuduro, Dubstep and whatever else. First tracks of Soviet Bass album were warmly welcomed by the international underground dance scene and leading British newspapers The Guardian devoted a special article to the rise of Soviet Bass: READ HERE. This new album is some kind of a resume of this wikkid story of Soviet Bass a Global Bass sub-genre created by the Midget Ninjas (Chuck Upbeat, Groove Daddy, Winick and Cj_BEEP). Just like Baile Funk in Brazil, 3ball in Mexico and Balkan Beats in Serbia, Soviet Bass is a part of Russian culture and musical bass underground.”

Well, take a listen and since this is a must-have release: DOWNLOAD THE FULL ALBUM HERE!


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