One of Portugal’s hottest new Bass duo’s have made a massive impression in the past 6 months and have been lauded by the Portuguese Bass Masters themselves, Buraka Som Sistema.

Bison x Squareffekt are back once again with a new Future Tarraxo number laying yet another path to the future with their unqiue and mesmerizing sound.

The new track is called “Magnestism” and it is called that for a reason as it will attract you all to its hypnotic riddim, space age synth-pop sound, cinematic atmosphere and futuristic feel.

Another beauty in their Bass Cannon, these guys never fail.

Space Age Beats from Africa, created in Portugal and presented to the world.

Bison x Squareffekt both had their first releases on Generation Bass. Bison with “The Wave of Tarraxinha” and for the second time with Squareffekt and their “Odyssey of the Mind” series. Volume 2 of that series will soon follow. They have alse been featured on the amazing Portuguese Bass Underground Release which came out last week.

Together, they fit like a glove and make one of the hottest producer teams anywhere in the world right now!


DJ Bison is one of our most exciting discoveries of recent years. He puts the “Purple Wow” into Tarraxo!

DJ Bison aka Felisberto is 23 year old. He was raised and is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal but was born in Benguela, Angola.

He started to produce in 2008 and has done all kind of styles from Kuduro to Hip Hop to Tarraxinha.

His first Tarraxinha production was in 2008 and was called “Tarraxo Indiano”. His main source of inspiration for producing Tarraxinha came from the sound of the legendary DJ Znobia who has been widely credited as one of the creators of the Tarraxinha sound. Znobia was certainly responsible for helping the sound cross-over to the West. After hearing DJ Znobia, Bison’s love for producing Tarraxinha grew even more.

Bison hopes that he can help to shed more new light on the Tarraxinha style and continue to produce it and assist to steer it into a new direction and into the hearts and minds of people worldwide.




Miguel Afonso AKA Squareffekt was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He is an electronic musician. He started djing and producing a few years ago and did a lot of Detroit Techno, Acid House and Miami Bass.

Most recently he became involved with artists and music from Angola and Portugal and some genres likes Tarraxo, Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass which he found fascinating.

Squareffekt has opened up Bison to a whole new world of sound, ideas and experimentation that can only be good for that young producer.  In turn Bison is teaching Squareffekt the art of his musical genius that continues to amaze.




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