I went to Vienna a week or two ago and a friend of mine showed me this band i had no clue about. They`re Orxata Sound System from Valencia, Spain, and they do…well pretty much a mixture of everything i dig – modern beats and basslines and traditional music, in this case – from the Northwestern Mediterranean. Check this out:

Here`s their official info:

“Orxata is one of the most unusual musical collectives of the current electronic scene, from Valencia, has managed to integrate the legacy of Valencian 90’s techno and Mediterranean traditional sounds with many peripheral rhythms like cumbia, kuduro, funk carioca, moombahton and dubstep. It is formed by four voices (three female and a male one), a trumpet, a bass and a programmer/sampler. Throughout its nearly 10 years career, the band has toured the Catalan speaking area, Spanish State, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Morocco.

Orxata is characterized by a firm commitment to free culture, publishing since birth all their works on the Internet under Creative Commons licenses, in addition to being one of the first bands using wiki technology and social media to write their lyrics in a collaborative way.”

Well, in case you liked this as i did, visit THEIR WEBPAGE and check out their releases:

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