The Dolomites return and it sounds like they have been taking some lessons from the great master himself, the legendary Tom Waits!!!

The track sounds like a a Japanese Tom Waits with an Indonesian Enka vibe and it’s an acquired taste, just like the great man himself.  I acquired a taste for this kind of stuff quite some time ago, now it’s your turn!

The DOLOMITES are Monster Balkan Tribal Muzik with elements from the Transgalactic. Stevhen Koji Iancu plays accordion, percussion and vocals. Local Musicians near select cities also join us on drums, percussion, electronic beats, bass, tuba, and other eclectic instruments.

The DOLOMITES are an amalgamation of international-outernational sounds from all over the universe. At this current moment in History the sound is MONSTER BALKAN TRIBAL MUZIK with a heavy influence from the supernatural legends of the 妖怪ーJapanese folkloric monsters…The DOLOMITES Library of sounds covers many genres including Balkan, Cumbia, Gypsy, Gamelan, Dub, Tribal, Roots musik, Future musik, 8 Bit sounds , animal, natural and supernatural sounds etc. with multiple dimensions and depth charge.

Stevhen Iancu plays Accordion, Gamelan and sings in Japanese on this track. 止めちゃダメ!ーNEVER GIVE UP!

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