Prince Doves

This was a celebration of Prince that was originally published on Generation Bass on 28th May 2014.

Been lucky enough to see Prince perform live many times over the years. Indeed caught him on his first ever UK tour some years back and many more after that in the UK and in other places of the world.

However, up until last week, I had never seen him live in my home city of Birmingham and the first show was so good that I had to see him again and so I caught both of his live dates in Brum as part of the Hit & Run Tour Part II.

I can tell you it was magical, spiritual and inspirational, it always is when you see Prince perform live but he is getting better the older he gets. These recent gigs showed him in the best form of his life. I mean I last saw him 4 years ago headlining Roskilde in Denmark in front of a 80,000+ crowd and that was a bit of a spiritual affair but nowhere near was it as good as these recent gigs in Birmingham in front of my home crowd.

I’m not going to do a gig review because I could write a book about the gigs but I’m just going to tell you a little about how they made me feel.

These shows were the most basic and stripped down from what I’ve witnessed in the past in terms of props and stage sets. I mean he spent hardly anything on stage sets or props and the ones he had looked a bit last minute and dirt cheap if you can call a curtain and some artificial fire-burners props. So it was the least extravagant, opulent and professional stage set I’d ever witnessed by him.  I am use to seeing him with huge stage sets, the whole works and so this was a bit of an eye-opener with it being so basic.

BUT c’mon forget the stage sets, PRINCE LIVE has always been about PRINCE, LIVE!

Man his performances just blew me away.

I’ve seen him live with the Revolution and the NPG and makeshift bands in between too and this time I watched him supported by 3rd Eye Girl as his backing band. Not the tightest band I’ve ever caught him live with but definitely the most passionate and enthusiastic. As beautiful as they all are, and they are all quite beautiful, still that wasn’t enough to make you take your eyes off Prince!

3rd Eye Girl are all seasoned master class musicians, more oriented towards Rock but also adaptable to Soul, Funk, Jazz and Classical too. Throughout the gig 3rd Eye Girl were actually worshipping at his altar, not in a geeky fan way but in a most spiritual & respectful way. In the way that most of us would look up to a legend and appreciate that there is no-one else quite like this Artist, past, present or future.

He’s a one-off, God only made one and it’s him. There will never be another, its an impossibility.

He writes and composes all of his own tunes and usually plays most of the instruments, always has done. I mean he can write anything, soul, rock, pop, jazz, funk, Gospel, disco, you name it, Prince can do it and better than most.

He is one of the greatest dancers you’ve ever seen.  One of the greatest and most underrated guitarists ever in the history of music.  One of the greatest voices ever in music, switching from a sweet and sexxy Marvin Gaye falsetto to a manic banshee howl to outrock even the likes of Robert Plant and Ozzy through to a Funk Master, funky enough to give James Brown & Clinton a run for their money.  He plays Piano like a Classical Pro and man he plays bass like the funkiest of them all.

He exudes so much sex appeal that you can actually smell the aroma of moist undies in the air at his gigs, no joke.  He doesn’t need banal dancers to shake their ass in your face to turn you on, his music and perfomance does all that alone.  He is the biggest flirt in the world and also one of the funniest performers at times when he screams throughout some of his songs like a 10 year old brat that has just dropped his ice cream.  When you witness Prince live, you have sex, fun, sadness and also make prayer. He has everything and he makes you feel that you have everything too. It’s a special and unique experience!

I really hope you can appreciate how unique this man is at some point in your lives and if you haven’t done so already, you just have to see this man perform LIVE.  It is an unforgettable experience and it will make you reassess your life, or at the very least, what music will mean to you Post-Live Prince!!!

If I had the means or the opportunity, I would gladly spend my life following this man around the world!  Because when you see Prince Live, you are also on stage with him!  That’s just how it feels!

The greatest living artist of today and one of the greatest artists ever in the history of music!

Now, coming to these mixes, over the course of many years, I have tried to put a Prince Mix together. I’ve always given up cause I could never put together anything that made me feel it had done any justice to the man’s work.

This time around, so inspired was I by his Birmingham gigs that I built the mixes around some of his most underrated and overlooked tracks that have a slow & sexy vibe about them, hence SLowSexY!

The tracks on these mixes are some of my personal faves from his more underground/lesser known cannon.  It will also hopefully provide me with an opportunity to try to educate you about how wonderful this artist is.

It’s more of a sonic journey or soundtrack than a DJ Mix that I’ve interspersed with dialogue from people paying tribute to him from the likes of Alicia Keys and Miles Davis through to Beyonce.

Here is the first volume:

SLowSexY Volume 1 by Dj Umb on Mixcloud


1. Alicia Keys inducts Prince
2. For You
3. God
4. Beautiful Ones
5. Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)
6. If I Was Your Girlfriend
7. Pheromone (Edit)
8. Breakdown
9. When We’re Dancing Close & Slow
10.With You
12.So Blue
13.Solo (Edit)
14.Crazy You
15.Please Don’t Touch Prince’s Hair (Arsenio)
16.It’s Gonna Be Lonely
17.Chris Rock The Artist 1997 Interview
18.Under The Cherry Moon
19.Slow Love
20.Beyonce on Prince
22.17 Days
23.Tipper Gore on “Darling Nikki”
24.When U Were Mine
25.Prince winning the Oscar® for Original Song Score for – Purple Rain
25.Purple Rain


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