Been off the blog posts for a while and I decided this time to bring you some portuguese trap. By portuguese i’m including producers/rappers based on Portugal and on the luso-african countries. Beware though, this is not the EDM trap a lot of people are getting used. Except some trap with portuguese lyrics, and sometimes, some luso-african influence on it.

Derry Fost, based on Lisbon, needs more recognition here on the hip-hop scene. Two awesome tracks and at least he provides some different flavour to the Portugal hip-hop scene (I could go on about how it is but this is not the time for it). Derry Fost’s coverart on the article picture.


Three tracks I found that stand a bit out from the others. Bit of RnB influence on the last one.


Great production on this M.O.B track.


Four tracks from Gaia Beat’s latest mixtape. He doesn’t need much introduction as he’s been covered here quite some times. Pretty much everything he touches is golden and these tracks aren’t any different. Great producer.




To close this one, this is a great RnB joint with some trap influences on the beat:


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