American producer Maduro has been making dark, industrial electronic music for over a decade or so now. His sound has found favour amongst the Tribal Fusion Bellydance community across the world and indeed we included one of his tracks on a best selling Bellydance compilation that I was involved in some 7 years ago.

As time has gone on, he has not lost any of his dark, gothic vibe which remains fully intact as he continues to explore the same terrain.

His latest release is a 9 track Dubstep/Trap/Breakcore/Glitch album titled “Blood Turns Black“. This is by no means “Easy Listening” and those with a faint heart might wanna skip, those who want to be scared shitless or enjoy experimental dark noise music might want to stick around and get stuck in tho’.

On the sampler below you can hear what’s in store with 3 tracks. “Mirrorpunch” recalls heavy dubstep infused with glitches and some great industrial percussion. You can imagine this one going down a storm with the Tribal Fusionists. “Tribes of the Night” recalls a kind of Post-Apocalyptic industrial Tom Waits “Bone Machine” kind of vibe with a vintage 40’s cinematic atmosphere. The title track “Blood Turns Black” has got this brilliant 80’s “Yello” feel about it with a nice melodic hook before it gravitates towards a more restrained Brostep meets Parliament kind of jarring FunkStep mood.

All in all really captivating stuff if you are in the mood for something that sounds dark, dirty and gothic but fresh.

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