With a made up genre tag like “SkullBass”, you would be forgiven for mistaking this for a Munchi production. Well, it’s not Munchi but you’re close as this Artist is from the same country at least, The Netherlands.

This is God Wonder and of course he is influenced by the great one, Munchi. You might have first come across his name via Funk Na Caixa’s “Rasterinha Volume 2” compilation.

This is a track for all the Vampires out there. When God Wonder started this project, his goal was to create something Scary but Sexy at the same time!

He achieved it by creating some dirty slowed down ‘SkullStep’. A lil’ bit of Zouk Bass, Tarraxo and a touch of Bachata and you have “SkullBass”.

Grab it for free now!




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