In most of my posts, I’ve been exploring the developments of music, trying to “connect the dots”, as Caballo poetically calls it, and seeking to forecast what will happen next. Because that is what my music-heart loves most: innovating, sharing ideas, bringing people together and in that way trying to be your own little part of this future of music as it unfolds in front of your eyes. It’s like the chemistry you learn at high school. There’s a certain energy needed for a reaction to take off. Sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot. But at a certain moment, you reach a point where a drastic change towards a whole new world becomes visible everywhere, almost automatically. I believe this moment is now!

The years gone by were the age of hypes. Different genres were fighting each other for the title ‘Next Big Thing’, which basically meant, the next big EDM-thing/succesor of dubstep. So whether it was 110 BPM, 90 BPM, 100 BPM, dembows, 108 drums or whatever else, the main purpose of it all was feeding the next fancy flavour to a drop-hungry molly-popping festival-crowd. With these stages and crowds as the highest thinkable end-point of a successful music career, the rules of the game were simple: press the serotonin and adrenaline buttons in the brain as smartly as possible with every means at your disposal. It d0esn’t matter whether you use heavy rise builds, euphoric chords, high-voltage basses, or tossing a cake, as long as you manage to make masses of thousands of people feel like they’re having an orgasm every 2 or 3 minutes. And as soon as they’ve tasted your flavour, they throw it away and try the next one.

But that was until 2014. Now there are much more exciting times ahead of us. In my first monumental moombahton post I called it the zombie apocalypse. Dead, underground genres that do not only resurrect from their graves to feast on the remnants of the gone-by music world, but also cross paths with each other in the process, forming new hybrids and new cohesions, bringing more dedicated fanbases together into what begins to look like more permanent scenes that are entirely new and vibrant. This future is beginning to take shape all around us. Let’s embrace it and celebrate it with some tasty cumbia. Because after all, cumbia is still with us in this new future and more vital than ever. I can hardly think of another genre so innovative, flexible and hype-immune that it can set a perfect example for what tommorow’s music will be like.


Our trip into tomorrow’s music has a perfect start with this mixtape from Dj Caution, the fifth edition of his ‘Descubre la Cumbia’ (‘Discover the Cumbia’) mixtape-series. Enjoy a futuristic blend of digital-electronic, organic and galactic dub flavoured cumbia grooves!


I must confess that I don’t know exactly what ‘cumbion’ means. First I thought it was another word for ‘cumbiaton’ but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve been wondering cus I’ve seen this worshiping-kid meme saying “Oi nomas ese cumbion” all over the place on Facebook over the last weeks, which made me wonder. But whatever the word means, this mixtape from Kuko Selekta, from Aguascalientes, Mexico, contains anything from mainstream cumbia to pop-cumbifications to cumbiaton with an extra crazy surprise halfway the mixtape!


And just before publishing this post, I discovered a minimixtape from the Argentinian cumbia dub master Sonido Landero which came out today!


Our central attention goes out to the wonderful 10-track album that was released a week ago on Regional Label by Tribilín Sound, one of the label’s collaborators of the first hour. I couldn’t give a better discription of it than what the label’s official webpage writes about it. ‘Aqui Siempre Bailamos’ (‘Here We Always Dance’) is: “a road-map that collects the works of Tribilin Sound with classics recovered, remastered and remixed, in addition of some exclusive material of one of the producers of the new sound of Peru. With collabs from Umoja, Reptilian Commander, Yelram Selectah and Loko Bonó that are amazing.” “The fruit of the confidence that Regional has put in me,” says the maestro Alvaro Ernesto himself, “thanks to them and thanks to the public I’ve had a good reason to explore cumbia, and more.” Generation Bass wants to thank the producer as well as the label for delivering such fantastic music: forward looking, excellent quality and one of the most promising thinkable examples of what the future of music will bring!

It is about exactly a year ago since one of the best cumbia songs came out that I’ve ever heard in my life: La Yegros – ‘Viene de Mi’. Today Piper Street Sound presents all remixes of this song together in one mixtape, featuring well-known artists like Rafael Aragon and El Remolon. Unfortunately there are no links to the individual tracks and I didn’t manage to gather them all by myself but still a excellent compilation!


Single releases:

Last week we shared Schlachthofbronx‘ fresh new album ‘Rave and Romance’, reason for Andrés Digital to give the first track on the album a cumbia makeover: ‘Turn the Lights Off’!

I’m always happy to see new music from Tu Guaina. A couple of months ago I talked to him about his work and he told me that he is mainly a visual artist, using music as a way to let off extra steam and creativity. Over the years this has resulted in an impressive list of tracks that are as visionary as his artworks.. Just check out the newest example!

2014 is halfway now and we’re already living in a world dominated by multinational corporations who become ever more powerful because of all the data that we generate and in which the technological abilities to create machines with human-like characteristics seems  closer than ever before. This cyberpunk reality is another aspect of realising that what was once a grim, dystopian vision of the future has become a reality we are living on a daily basis. As a preparation for 2019,  Tribilínsound also released an epic tribute to one of the best movies ever made: Blade Runner, cumbifying a classic tune from electronic music legend Vangelis.. Let’s dance the cumbia of the future replicant-revolution!


For the next song we move from future LA to a gone-by time in the past somewhere on the Mexican-Texan border where Mariachi trupets and industrial metal guitars swirl up the hormones in the town’s cantina, at least that is the visual interpretation of a Youtuber to Rammstein’s song ‘Te Quiero Puta‘.. Yelram Selectah shows some more love for dem putas with this crazy cumbia-trap-porn remix!


I can only think of one artist who can rival Yelram in a similar style of ‘crazy creativity’.. Latin-rap alchemist Chingo Bling(o) is back with a massive amount of cumbia-swag: ‘Accordion’!


Captain Cumbia is also back with this nice mashup, cumbiafying Cypres Hill ft. The Fugee’s ‘Boom Biddy Bye Bye‘!

For who, like myself, can’t get enough of the fusion of cumbia with the powerful grafitti-vibe of latin-hiphop callejero, there is this remix of ‘Que Veneno‘, from the Peruvian rap crew Fucking Clan ft. Rila, cumbiafied by dumbiambero Deltatron!


Don Alex remixed a great song from the latin-indie-rock band Superlitio from Cali, Colombia, adding some extra accordion and organic cumbia percussion!


Checking out their website I stumbled upon the band’s newest release, which came out in April this year, ‘Alma En Pedazos’ (‘Soul In Pieces’), an absolutely fantastic, emotional cumbia-rock song with a moving video that goes straight to the heart!

And here some more vibes that go straight to the heart with this remix of a classic song by the Israeli reggae band ‘Sheva’, cumbiafied by Arun y la Cumbia!

If is mixtape above has made you want more delicious, dreamy cumbia-dub sounds, here some more from Sonido Landero!

Anyone remembers ‘Bien Warrior’? If you don’t, you should definitely check out the original a massive cumbiamuffin hit from Miss Bolivia from a couple of years ago, now reinterpreted by Fede Flores!

4:20 Music Flavor makes so much great cumbia that I could almost fill entire weekly roundups with it. Here a selection of some of his newest releases, experimental as always!




I always love Dj Gecko‘s stuff, especially now he’s experimenting with different genres like trap and festival EDM, always bringing his fresh style. This week he delivered another nice short cumbia tune, also tagged with that new term ‘cumbion’.. I really should research it!

Another 3ball producer who is regularly doing cumbia now is Dj Gabriel, check out his newest release!


Closing goodies:

It’s tuesday so I’m again not just preserving the bangers for the end of the post but any catchy song that will stay in your head for the rest of the week.

Villera-pop is always kinda catchy so I thought it’d be more than time to blog some of that again. I’m a bit behind on the urban/nu-Villera scene, where many great new songs are being released every week as well.. so here a quick selection that caught my ear..

Roman El Original is a crew that fuse cumbia villera with a wide arrange of other latin styles, usually with a pop-ballad touch.. This is their newest release featuring some nice bachata and tango influences!

And another new nice ballad-ish villera-pop song here from Mak Donal!

Get it for free!

The following perreo-inducing cumbiaton banger ‘Donde Estan Las Atrevidas’ (‘Where Are The Ratchet B*tches’.. freely translated), a collab from the urban cumbia duo Me Gusta with the reggaeton duo Juan Quin y Dago a.k.a. Los Expertos seems to be a hit in Argentina!

Add it to your sets and heat up the club coming weekend! ..and if you’re ready for some serious titties ‘n ass, check out the NSFW video..

Erick Jaimez teamed up with Fake Moustache for another exclusive preview of the upcoming Cumbiaholic Volume 3 that will drop on 11 June! Enjoy this excellently produced cumbia-trap-3ball banger..


I’ll end my introduction to the future with the remixes that have since been added to the original remixes compilation that we supported a while ago of Astros de Mendoza‘s ‘Vamos Bailando’..

1. Cumbia Drive


2. Tropikore


3. Don Alex


4. Chong-x


..because whatever the future of music may hold, we will keep dancing.. vamos bailando!


  1. a “cumbion” is a “great cumbia song”, the meme of the kid worshipng the cumbion is just that, it w’d translate as “just hear thtat” “what a great cumbia song”

    greetings from Guatemala 😉 #cumbiaPazYBaile

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