EP Album Cover

This great EP is now available for free. Comprising of edits of Serbian folk songs that have been transformed into Balkan Bass & Trap bangers, you’ve never quite heard anything like this before.

Here’s a description of the tracks:

01. L FREE – Čukam!!

Is a mixture of hip hop bits, with Trap music and Serbian trumpet…

Original song: Orkestar Slobodan Salijević – Kristinin Čoček

02. L FREE – Sreću čine male stvari

Is a song about love between a poor poet and girls craving the good life.

Original song: Muriz Kurudžija – Sreću Čine Male Stvari

03. L FREE – Rado

Satirical poem about the wishes and desires of the old man, who craves for young female flesh…

Original song: Dragan Đordjević Puškar – Joj Rado, bela Rado

04. L FREE – Soko

Is a beautiful song about freedom…a young woman is praying to God: Give me my Lord eyes of a dove, give me my Lord wings of a falcon, to fly by white Dunav river…

Original song: Neli Andreeva – Malka moma





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