Heretical pagan from Leskovac. He is very awesome, beautiful, beautiful and nice, and He says:

“Everything is mine, mine, mine, and only mine!”(except those things that are not). He likes to reprimand and even be worse, but when you get to know him you get to like him (otherwise you are reprimanded), also he likes color red, and he likes very much left side of the street – of course there is a shortcoming as occasionally he feels the inner urge from deep inside his soul to share a few cussing words with somebody. His favorite quote is: “Life is difficult but then death ensues!”

Beneath His mask is more than a flash. Beneath is the idea.

Some more quotes: “There is a word in modern psychology, which is probably used more than any other word. That word is “maladjusted”. In present society there are things to which I can proudly state that I am maladjusted to. So I call all the people of good will, who fell the same way to join me in this maladjustment, until a better and more just society is created.

For him, being adjusted in the deep sick society is not a measure of health.

There are variety of things that he does, among them are: Design, various forms of multimedia, photography, video production, journalism and radio hosting, music and music production, art volunteering and anthropology.

On a local radio station “Radio 016”, he is editor and host (with a group of dedicated people) of a show about alternative music which can be heard every Thursday 21:00 CET, and which is known as “Provera mikrofona 016” (Mike Check 016).

Aside to a show he is in band, with famous (to friends) and significant name “L2K” (Leskovac to bums).

Pacifist, anarchist, nihilist…

“Only revolution of consciousness can start a change in society and bring about progress.”

He currently mixes, puts all the stiles he wants together – because He can.







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