Amazing underground artist from Egypt who use to be a drummer in an all-female heavy metal band “Mascara”.

She crafts gorgeous singer-songwriter Indie Dream Pop complete with the most gorgeous Arabic vox. Arabic Indie Pop is just getting better and better lately and this is the kind of stuff that I’ve waited a long time for and it’s been well worth the wait.

“In short, Waleed’s sound reflects a whimsical journey into the many melancholies faced by Egypt’s modern-day youth. Her lyrical content seems to heavily draw from autobiographical romantic turbulence or various existential crises, making her music perfect for those many pontificating loners.”

She teamed up with the hugely talented Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan better known as half of SoapKills and one of the main dudes behind The Lebanese Underground to create a sublime album that was released last year.

Check some tracks out from that album with Zeid and also some of her solo work too.


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