Since the beginning of this year, Original Moombahton has rapidly become the main provider of the best, highest quality moombahton and their influence on the music scene has only just started to manifest. They’ve been doing a phenomenal job from the start, uploading new music on an almost daily basis. Now it’s time for the first edition of an official compilation series.

‘Original Moombahton Vol 1’ is a mindblowing compilation delivering 15 skillfully produced tracks from producers representing different corners of the globe.

Style-wise, these are all excellent examples of what can be called classic moombahton bangers, with flavours that vary between the delicious minimalism of Billon Dollars, the crazy experimentalism of Happy Colors and GodWonder and the rough moombahcore of Jameston Thieves and Krumm. But all tunes are equipped with just the right amount of undead energy to conquer your speakers, your sets and dancefloors worldwide.


01. MaxX and EJ – Número Uno

02. Ricky Vaughn – The Secret

03. Kapo – Ensayo!

04. GodWonder – Baru Acelra

05. Mohntee – Take It To The Streets

06. Krumm – Body Rock

07. Selecta Doc ft. Dreadeye – Step Forward

08. Happy Colors – Miya

09. Billion Dollars – Suck My 41

10. Cubaki – Cardiofitness

11. Marco Villarroel & LocoMotive – Get Down

12. Jameston Thieves – Tizzy

13. Mambo Killers – Sandungue – O

14. Varilla – Go Down

15. Noise Twins – LÁ NA TREFA DO CHEFAO

The impressiveness of this project, which reminds of T&A’s Moombahton Forever release last year, is truly the icing on the cake, the ultimate sign that the moombahton movement is more vital and passionate than ever.

“We are the future, we are Original Moombahton.”

Grab the EP for free and be part of this!


..and be prepared for the next edition, dropping on June the 30th!

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  1. It”s a good compilation, but not all the songs are great, I like happy colors (Miya from 2:00 to 2:10 is sick), but his synths get old so quickly, it’s like he uses the same synth since ‘la vaca ta borracha’ , Billion Dollars minimalism & NoiseTwins baile funk mixture is really nice, Ricky Vaughn is cool, he is like one step ahead in the game, even though some parts of his songs feel the same, the dominican vocals in Godwonder are good, maybe I just like them because I’m latin and I like that stuff, and finally naming your song almost like one of the moombahton classics (Munchi – Sandungueo) It’s pretty risky, and I think Mambo Killers songs is just not good enough for that name
    It’s a nice comp but I like Moombahton a lot, and I would like to see it rise again, so quality tracks are a need

    1. Hi NIITR, thanks for your criticism. It is always a challenge for bloggers to write a review that does justice to a whole project (like a compilation) and to the individual tracks. Of course there will always remain some difference in taste and opinion but objective quality is important for any music scene. That is what OG Moombahton finds important and what we at Generation Bass find very important as well.
      There is also some confusion about ‘classic moombah bangers’, with this I mean that the styles in this compilation stay close to the original idea of moombahton: dembow + simple Dutch synths and with a lot of ‘crazy energy’. Other styles like moombahsoul or moombahdeep are preserved for future projects. I didn’t mean to say that these are all on par with a track like Sandungueo. But as for Mambo Killers, I don’t think that the word ‘sandungueo’ is holy. It’s a common term in Puerto Rican slang and popularised by Big Boy in 2003 on his track ‘Vamos a Sandunguear’ and since then common in reggaeton. Munchi did his legendary thing with it, Mambo Killers are now doing their interpretation now. That’s how I see it 😉

      1. I don’t think the word ‘Sandungueo’ is holy either, but I just expected more from a track with that name, there’s a lot that can be done in Moombahton scene, i just hope they keep experimenting, like for example: uproot andy – Worldwide Dembow or Stromae – Formidable (L’homme aux 4 lettres Remix), the first one is moombah, but not he kind of moombah you would expect, as a matter of fact I never thought Pablo Piddy would feature a song like this, the second is like too deep the first minute and out of nowhere a bubbling part comes, that’s the kind of thing I would like for a comp, and that’s why I like NoiseTwins and Billion Dollars tracks, they just need to keep experimenting, mixing styles and thinking outside the box

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