When it comes to Post-Dancehall or whatever you wanna call it, Mixpak have always been ahead of the curve with their releases which are always full of quality, emotion and the utmost sincerity. This is the Dancehall album that you need and that accurately portrays all the great things within it at this moment in time. This release encapsulates the very definition and beauty of it.  So rare also to find a Dancehall album full of killers and no fillers, this is as good as it gets, until the next release from this same label!

A beautiful release indeed!

Popcaan’s debut album, Where We Come From, is out now on Mixpak! Buy now via iTunes or in the Mixpak Store.

Executive produced by Dre Skull and featuring productions from Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch, Jamie Roberts, Anju Blaxx and Adde Instrumentals, Popcaan’s first full length offering sees his signature melodies and uplifting tones on thirteen original tracks. As musicologist Wayne Marshall writes in his essay on the album:

“Where We Come From” gives voice, as the best reggae does, to the contradictions of life in a society rife with inequities and yet so rich. Whether odes to the ghetto or the good life, Popcaan’s lyrics bring realist portraits and utopian visions into dynamic tension. Songs about struggle and sex and happiness occupy the same space because they do. And whatever the topic, Popcaan’s infectious positivity comes through.”

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