Sexxy Saturday Cumbia skipped another week but here we’re back at it with a new edition of futuristic cumbia, ready for the new era of music that is starting to take shape now!

I made a small selection of what’s been released over these two weeks..


Frikstailers are one of the most visible representatives of the digital cumbia movement in the mainstream music world and their name is only growing, especially now Vice Magazine’s electronic music platform Thump dedicated an official Mixtape Session to this innovative tropi-futuristic duo from Mexico and Argentina.

Another way for digital cumbia to reach a wider audience is via festivals. One specific festival that is going on right now is the tropical event Guacamayo Fest in Madrid, Spain, which is being held three Saturdays in a row: last week, today and next week.

At last week’s event, the British-French cumbiambero KayGee did this great live set as a warming up for Celso Piña’s show.. Now you can enjoy it here too!

Eazy Uno, based in Inglewood (USA), delivers the final mixtape of this week: a delicious collection of mainly reggae-, ragga- and hiphop-cumbia!


Important EP’s, from Regional Label, have in fact come out this week but I want to preserve those for a separate post. So the only combined release we focus on is this fresh compilation from 4:20 Music Flavor with 7 futuristic, highly experimental tracks that draw from dancehall, dub, oldskool dembow, deep house, hiphop, punk and more.. usually accompanied by delicious cumbia percussion and heavy bass synths!

Single Releases:

When I was writing about their mixtape for Thump, I also realised that Frikstailers have very recently released a new single, as an exclusive release for XLR8R music & culture magazine, which is also an excellent channel for digital cumbia to reach a wider audience interested in forward-looking music.. I don’t remember whether I blogged it already. In case you haven’t heard it yet, enjoy this wonderful, galactic acid cumbia experience!

Another big name in the digital cumbia scene who has released a new single is Dany F. ‘Trópico de Capricornio’ is a stunning, melancholic track where indigenous flutes and folk-cumbia chants flow together with the delicious, watery synth pads into an atmosphere that invokes images of a quiet village, from a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, bathing in the tropical afternoon sun. “Back 2 the deep cumbia roots,” commented Bleepolar. I couldn’t have put it in better words.

But my favourite release this week is this cumbification of Nguzunguzu‘s Skycell by Turbo Sonidero Futurístico. When I saw it on my soundcloud timeline today, I was attracted by the artwork, which reminded me a lot of the dark post-futuristic trap/instrumental hiphop that I’m very into these days. And when I pressed ‘play’ my mind was blown because Nguzunguzu, whom I didn’t know that well before, is probably the patron saint of futuristic trap and this track totally has that cyber atmosphere that always gets to me in a very intense way. And here it is reworked into cumbia!

The last dark-futuristic tune for today is from Philthy Dronez, who released this amazing Pink Floyd tribute last week!

Closing goodies:

I just decided to pool all the happy and energetic dancefloor oriented tunes together in the closing section. Don’t go clubbing before y0u’ve checked these ones out first!

Erick Ovalle DJ, from Escuintla, Guatemala did a happy extended edit of Miseria Cumbia Band’s cumbia-pop hit ‘Cumbia Pa Bailar‘!

Xipe Tra KA Tra about whom I haven’t been able to find out more unfortunately, makes his debut on Sexxy Saturdat Cumbia with this heavily bassed ‘moombia’ remix of Los Hijos del Sol’s Chicha classic Cariñito!

Fede Flores, from Argentina didtwo powerful remixes.. One is a tribute to the Queen of Argentinian dancehall and dembow, Princesa, remixing her 2012 hit ‘Pa Ke Mueva‘..

..and the other a tribute to her Mexican counterpart, the innovative dancehall diva Missound, cumbiafying her new hit ‘Estirando el Tiempo‘!

Anyone who remembers Mc Boogat‘s massive latin-dancehall-bass banger ‘Dos Cervezas‘? This week, Fricci spiced up the original with some extra uptempo cumbia/moombahton energy! Whenever you’ll order two beers at the the bar tonight or later, from now on you will always do it with this catchy tune in the back of your head!

I finish with this crazy uptempo cumbia madness from the Cali (Colombia) based tropical bass label Pernett, featuring Don Alex on the accordion!

That was it for now, see you all next week!


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