Generation Bass’ forays into the world of “Future Tarraxo” or “Zouk Bass” continues with this “Capo Verde” EP featuring 2 rising American producers Banginclude x DJ Express who demonstrate just how awesome Big Room Music can sound with 2 absolute killer tracks that breathe new life into this scene.

“The Largest Room” is an anthemic track with Big Room sensibilities. Without the boys actually knowing it, this track bears some resemblance to Electronic pioneers Yello’s big hit in the late 80’s “The Race”. Yello were Electronic Gods and in the same league as Kraftwerk and so the boys manage to aspire to something quite special on this track.

The spacey, futuristic sounds complimented with the marching riddim and “Munchi” sounding Latin moans creates an intoxicating soundscape that is a guaranteed to rock the party!

“ZBMF” aka Zouk Bass Mutha’ F***** maintains the spacey, futuristic vibe that conjures up images of one travelling through space and experiencing a malfunction aboard the BangExpress Voyager SpaceShip causing mayhem & chaos with robotic voices cursing and dogs barking. Yep, it’s MAD but brilliant!

2 emerging stars of the USA Bass scene that are on the verge of making it HUGE stateside!

Dropping for free for a limited time this week!




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