Wil Gang

The singer from Gang do Electro, Willian Love, released few tracks on your own project single, Wil Gang. This first has some influence from Cumbia. Maybe, this influenced happened when they saw the show of DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE in São Paulo, last may, and get crazed (I was there, and I get crazy too).

There is other tracks too, remixes from popular tracks in tecnobrega beats, but nothing so much special that will take you off the chair to dance. It’s more material to you listen and download for a tecnobrega set. After the movement of tecnobrega of 2012, there isn’t so many releases for us or good projects. The just 2 names still producing is Jaloo and Gang do Electro. Wishing for Wil Gang more material to warm again the scene.

Maybe the best remix from Wil Gang is the 00’s track of Underdog Project, a very popular group on clubs of Brazil, in the movement of Euro Dance.

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