Joker is primarily responsible for me falling in love with Dubstep some years back with his magnificent “Purple Wow” sound and I honestly thought that one day it would be a natural progression for him to be doing some work with the greatest Purple one of all, Prince. Well, that hasn’t happened but there’s no denying that Joker will always occupy a very important position in the history of UK Bass music and Dubstep.

His label, Kapsize have just streamed a mix of upcoming remixes of Joker classics from such luminaries as Swindle, Gemmy, Asa & Sorrow and Kromestar, amongst others. Brings back a lot of nostalgia and that Joker vibe still sounds so magnificent today as it did some years back, timeless!

Release drops on 4th August:

1.joker & ginz – purple city (swindle remix) 2.Joker – head top (badklaat remix)3Joker – Mario ting (Kragen remix)4.Joker – newham generals(Trolley snatcha remix)5.JOKER – PSYCHEDELIC RUNWAY (JOSS RYAN REMIX!)6.Joker-snake eater (Gemmy remix)7. joker stuck in the system (asa & sorrow remix)8.Joker – tron (Kromestar remix)

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